Super-realistic + cartoon + open world sees miraculous effects. How was the amazing “Duo Comparable” developed?

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GameLook report/If your knowledge of Korean games is still “Greasy Sister”, you will probably miss their changes in the past two years.

At the Cologne Game Show in September, South Korean company Pearl Abyss’ new game “DokeV” (hereinafter referred to as “DokeV”) released a live video of about 4 minutes, which aroused heated discussion. After all, it’s hard to think of it as a Korean game just because it is a cartoon style for all ages.

But this is not the real focus of this time.

Initially, the game’s collection of “multi-comparable” combat settings was directly linked to Pokémon, and it was a lot of traffic at one time. But on closer inspection, the next-generation screens based on the brand-new self-developed engine are actually “really fragrant” among the crowds and even Pokémon players. Some media even directly expressed the voice of the outside world with the “ideal Pokémon”.

After a lapse of more than a month, a South Korean blogger recently came to PearlAbyss studio and released a nearly two-minute new real machine demonstration. While reigniting the enthusiasm of players at home and abroad, it also inspired GameLook to talk about “Duo Comparable” for the second time.

What has changed in a “Duo Comparable”?

From watching jokes to “Why is your next Pokémon a Pokémon”-in the face of “Dock Comparable”, behind the rare big turn of the player’s attitude, it can be said that even the concept of “Rotten Street” Pokémon The product, 3A thickening is also full of lethality.

This also brings a new idea: whether to transform Nintendo games in the next era will become the next way for manufacturers to become rich.

The feasibility and universality of cartoon style + collection development gameplay, the world’s number one IP Pokémon has been verified early. Going further, how about the next generation of upgrades to create super-realistic Pokémon? Sorry, the Switch is difficult to support, and that is the type that Nintendo will not try.

In fact, it is difficult for anyone to refuse the charm of next-generation games. The emergence of “Duo Comparable” is the most direct response to the demands of these players, not to mention the hands of Pearl Abyss. As a Korean cursor, the predecessor “Black Desert” has won numerous fans at home and abroad with its excellent game graphics. It has also been called “the world’s No. 1 MMO” by excited domestic players. It is undoubtedly a technical strength to the developer Pearl Abyss. Intuitively.

Taking a step back, the quality of the models and textures shown in “Duo Comparable” is not too advanced. European and American console games such as “Battlefield” and “COD” have already been realized, but it is the first time to integrate with Nintendo’s style. The super-realistic fusion cartoon obviously brings an unprecedented freshness, and the loyal Pokémon players will inevitably be attracted by the novelty of “breaking the dimension wall”.

In China alone, the first PV exposure of “Duo Ke Comp” received a good response at station B. “This style of painting is very good for Pokémon, the trainer can finally play in person, and the Pokémon in 100 years”, etc. The barrage is endless, and so far, the number of views has exceeded 2.19 million.

At the same time, more players have also started the yin and yang weird ridicule, shouting that Koreans understand Pokémon better than Japanese, GF technology is far behind Pearl Abyss and so on.

Part of the biased views are aside for the time being. Although the player’s words have a bit of “hate iron but not steel”, what is more revealed is the aesthetic fatigue of Pokémon. This has aroused the curiosity of many onlookers. Taking “Duo Comparable” as an example, whether the 3Aization of Nintendo-style games can become a new wealth code. The answer is currently unclear, but judging from the feedback from players, it is still worth a try.

To be an open world for players to enjoy freely

Back to the topic of “Duo Comparable”, Pokémon made it to the top of the topic, but there are signs that this is far from the entire content of the game.

Under the veil of mystery, players are eager to understand the true charm of this game. In a recent interview with Bahamut GNN, game executive producer Kim Sang-young revealed: “In one sentence, I think it should be “to embark on an adventure like reality with Duo Ke Bi.” “

The so-called Dokebi is derived from the meaning of dokebi in Korean, which means monsters and ghosts. The game is an existence that provides assistance for the realization of human dreams. Because it is used by the villain Company to produce AI technology, the player embarks on a more comparable adventure of finding and rescuing.

But how to best convey the joy of free exploration in the adventure to the players has really cost the R&D team a lot of effort. After some struggle, they made a decision that goes against the tradition: abandon the original MMO positioning and devote themselves to the development of open world games, allowing players to “freely enjoy various gameplay in a wide open world.”

To bear the brunt is the use of motion capture, 3D scanning and other technologies to make the picture more realistic.

On the one hand, small objects are placed in a 3D scanning studio with up to 180 cameras to generate very precise 3D models. For example, after scanning the model of the national treasure Baekje gold and bronze incense burner, it appeared in the game in its entirety. On the other hand, for large buildings or pavilions that cannot be brought indoors, or even the terrain in reality, the R&D personnel personally go to the scene to shoot from multiple angles to provide data for the modeling work.

On the other hand, the silky and smooth performance of the characters in the video also uses real-life motion capture technology. At the same time, the R&D team also photographed a lot of children’s dance movements in advance for observation and reference, in order to truly restore the details of children’s special movements.

In addition, based on the powerful self-developed engine of Pearl Abyss, no matter the beautiful and realistic dynamic light and shadow; the footprint of the color particle effect of the character’s movement; or the physical effect of hitting the scene with a rocket launcher to create the scattered physical effects, it also achieves the visual effect of fake and real.

The second is to make the world in the game large enough.

This is often the key to an open world, but “big” is essentially a relatively vague concept. In the words of Kim Sang-young, “It is the scale of the degree that players play around in the open world, and they will not feel bored.” This sentence is also reflected in “Duo Ke Bi”.

Judging from the current video of the actual machine, two villages including Beluga Village have been exposed, covering rich scenes of different landforms such as blocks, mountains, ports, beaches, and oceans. According to official reports, this is less than one-tenth of the entire island in the game. In an interview with Bahamut GNN, game designer Nan Changji made no secret of his pride in his words: “In fact, we tried to drift on a skateboard and use propellers to look around in the engine, but going around the island is really not Generally difficult.”

In addition, in addition to exploration, it is indispensable to enrich the game experience with real-time combat mechanisms. The difference is that the battle in “Duo Comparable” pursues a design that is “as simple as possible and looks very handsome”, which is also closely related to the positioning of the game in all ages. The large number of cool battle scenes we saw in the video are actually the scenes of using nirvana with Duo Ke Bi.

Inspired by daily life, the finishing touch of the childlike world

Fake other people’s history, lack of cultural support, and instead stick to the moat of fine arts have always been the characteristics of the development of Korean games. “Duo Comparable” is uncharacteristic, revealing a strong “Korean cultural flavor” from the beginning of its exposure.

Literally, the core image design of “Duo Comparable” refers to many ghosts in Korean legends. For example, in the video, the peculiar creature resembling an anteater is exactly the monster “Don’t kill Iraq” in Korean folklore that swallows an iron block and grows larger. The birds with veils and hats in the sky also come from Korean myths and so on.

But Kim Sang-young said frankly, “We are not forced to put in Korean-style things because we want to highlight Korean characteristics and have a Korean feel.” In his opinion, only things that we are familiar with can do better. Therefore, in addition to the ancient local legends, the inspiration for the development of the entire game comes from daily life in Korea.

Obviously based on the scene of Hanok Village

In terms of scene design, Kim Sang-young draws inspiration from his past living experiences in Busan and Seoul Hanok Village, which is full of traditional buildings, as well as places that can be visited at any time nearby. Even the traffic lights, fences and other buildings that I saw after I stepped out of the company are incorporated into the game, as well as various real life scenes. For example, the character skateboarding in the video is based on the situation of people skateboarding in the park near the company.

And many of the childlike equipment and weapons in the game, such as roller skates, alpaca, rocket shoes and other designs are also based on their own.

For example, the umbrella that can hide the body is not only derived from the legend of the invisibility of ghosts and hats; it is also inspired by the Korean joke “If a child hides in an umbrella, other people will not see me”. Nan Changji mentioned: “When my son and daughter were at home, they would hide in the quilt and say “Dad, let’s hide, you can’t see me” joke like this. “

Even childhood emotions or memories have become an indispensable inspiration in the development, which can be said to be the finishing touch to the childhood fantasy style of the game.

It is not only the producer Kim Sang-young who had an inspiration from the “Ghostbusters” he watched as a child, and determined to make a “ghost collection” game. Even the most attention-grabbing flying movement in the actual video is also derived from the R&D team’s childhood fantasy of superman, Spider-Man and other heroes flying into the sky. Specifically in the game, the player consumes a special material to fly and move upward, but at the same time, it will be accompanied by the danger of being discovered by the Company’s drone.

In addition, there are some casual gameplays in the game, such as beach games, kite flying, fishing, etc. Although they do not have regional specificity, they are also closely related to childhood hobbies. Similarly, in the design of communication and interaction between players, the R&D team is also thinking about how to play games when they were young, and put various elements such as chess and board games into the game.

Concluding remarks

A month ago, GameLook compared two popular new 3A games: “Project Eve” and “Black Myth: Wukong”. At that time, the Korean game was judged to have lost at the level of cultural heritage, and GameLook also judged that culture will become a new competition point in the future.

Now the situation seems to have reversed. Relying on a strong industrialization foundation, South Korean manufacturers are actively seeking innovation and change, not just rushing to cross-platform outlets. The emergence of “Duo Comparable” even means that Korean companies abandon the Hallyu MMO routines, begin to break the ice-breaking field of all ages, and fill cultural shortcomings with folklore and modern life elements, and enter the global market. This quiet change undoubtedly sounded the alarm bells above the heads of domestic manufacturers.

But there is no need to be too nervous at the moment, after all, everything still needs to be marked with question marks before “Duo Ke Bi” is officially released.

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