Fallout 76 is FREE leading up to the Bomb Drop Day Spooky Scorched event

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Fortnite Bomb Drop Spooky Scorched Event (Image: BETHESDA)

If you’ve never played Bethesda online adventure game Fallout 76, now’s your chance.

Fallout 76 is currently available as a free download on PlayStation systems, Xbox devices, and PC.

Bethesda explains more: “New to Fallout 76? Make your debut in Appalachia during our Free Play Week starting October 19, so players can dive into the full base game for free until October 25.

“Buying Fallout 76 after Free Play Week carries over all of your progress, so you can continue exploring post-nuclear West Virginia without missing a beat.

Better yet, we’ll be selling on Fallout 76 over the course of the Bombs Drop event so you can get your hands on the game with a savings (more on that later).”

It’s worth pointing out that PS5 and PS4 users need a PlayStation Plus subscription, while Xbox players need Xbox Gold.

In addition, if you want to play on PC, you need to sign up on Bethesda.net or Steam.

The timing couldn’t be better as the free-to-play week coincides with the launch of the Spooky Scorched event.

Spooky Scorched is Bethesda’s way of celebrating the in-game anniversary of the Bomb Drop event.

During the Spooky Scorched event, players attempt to unlock rewards by defeating spooky enemies.

“With Halloween fast approaching, the season of the macabre is making its way to Appalachia!” Bethesda explains.

“Some of the Scorched in the area have decked out in ghostly clothing and have plenty of goodies to hand out to trick-or-treating adventurers.

“The catch is you may have to apply a little force, but it’s all worth it for the candy and other cool finds they drop! Don’t wait too long to join the mischief; the Spooky Scorched event is coming soon from October 19 to November 2.”

As an added bonus, fans can take advantage of in-game discounts throughout the week.

This includes not only in-game items, but also – and for the first time ever – Atom bundles. Below you can see the discounts…

• 500 Atoms – 20% off the base price

• 1000 Atoms (+100 bonus Atoms) – 25% discount on the base price

• 2000 Atoms (+400 bonus Atoms) – 30% discount on the base price

• 4000 Atoms (+1000 bonus Atoms) – 35% discount on the base price

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