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Square Enix also presents a new CGI trailer Guardians of the Universe. This sends fans straight into a tangle, with StarLord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot assessing the situation, discussing strategies and of course typing slogans before deciding on Plan B a coordinated frontal assault, appropriately designed by Mötley Crües “Kickstart My Heart”.

The same huddle mechanics work for players from Guardians of the Universe prove indispensable when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles on their journey across the galaxy. During the fight, they can call a huddle and decide which words to use to motivate the team. If chosen correctly, Guardians gain more powers and will find it easier to defeat their opponents while listening to one of the game’s more than 30 headbangers.

Guardians of the Universe will be released on October 26 for all current systems.

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