PS5 UPDATE: Download Today’s PlayStation System Software Patch

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New PS5 update is out today (Image: SONY)

Ready to download the next PS5 system software patch for your PlayStation 5?

Sony has launched its latest system software patch and most gamers will see it appear on their login screen when they boot up their consoles today.

Version 21.02-04.03.00 weighs in at about 913.7 MB, making it an easy PS5 update to quickly download.

There should be no queues for those who want to reuse all their core features, and the size also indicates the scope of the patch.

While some PS5 updates can be exciting and packed with new features, today’s patch isn’t one of them.

This week’s firmware update does very little to the surface and won’t make much of an impression before early November.

The good news is that the current PS5 patch improves system performance, the bad news is that we don’t know how.

Sony’s standard patch notes are short and sweet, leaving little room when it comes to what the new update does.

And the tech giant isn’t expected to provide many more details, or an ETA on how long it will be before the next major PS5 system update is available.

The good news is that while today’s system patch news is pretty boring, Sony is planning some exciting announcements for November.

The company has confirmed that it will celebrate the PlayStation VR launch in style by releasing a number of free Virtual Reality games through PS Plus.

You must have an active subscription to pick up the titles, and they will be available on top of the usual dedicated PS4 games.

A message from Sony explains: “Today marks the fifth anniversary of the launch of PlayStation VR to the world, and we would like to take this moment to thank all our fans and our talented development community for embracing this platform and supporting PS VR over the years.

“It’s amazing to see how virtual reality has really established itself as a platform for gaming over the past five years, and we’re excited to see PS VR play a big part in the growth of VR.

“And to celebrate this PS VR milestone, we’d like to say a special thank you to PlayStation fans: starting in November, PlayStation Plus* members will get three PS VR bonus games at no extra cost. Stay tuned for more details in the PlayStation Plus update in the coming weeks.

“Since the launch of PS VR, we’ve seen a wide variety of unique experiences that demonstrate a sense of presence we wanted to achieve with this platform, including critically acclaimed games such as the thrilling action shooter Rez Infinite, the epic rescue mission platformer Astro Bot Rescue Mission and the stealth action of Hitman 3.”

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