Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards, Matchmaking and Flawless Loot This Week

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Trials of Osiris Rewards This Week (Image: BUNGIE)

The Trials Of Osiris is undergoing another experimental weekend that will primarily affect the Destiny 2 Matchmaking system.

According to Bungie, there will be plenty of the usual weekly rewards to unlock, including a Flawless weapon for those who can string together the best scores.

But there will also be changes in the way matchmaking works, meaning some may find it more difficult than usual to emerge victorious.

The good news is that as things get mixed up, Guardians will also get various boosts.

As part of this week’s Trials Freelance Labs event, Trials’ reputation is doubled, meaning it’s a great time to try and complete your armor collection or play a good role with one of the weapons Trials has to offer .

A message from Bungie added: “Once you complete a full map, even if you’ve lost a game or two, your post-game rewards will increase.

“Enhancement Prisms, Ascendant Shards, and Trials Engrams all have the chance to drop. Whether you want to focus your engrams and roll a specific reward or just roll the dice, this is the best way to earn Trials loot. Armor drops also have a higher chance of better stat rolls.

“This week also introduced a new set of seasonal challenges, including Trial by Firing Squad. To complete it, win 20 rounds over the course of the weekend and be rewarded with a Reed’s Regret Linear Fusion Rifle, XP and Bright Dust

“Once you get your hands on Reed’s Regret, it also unlocks the ability to focus Trials Engrams for more throws on Saint-14.”

When it comes to the matchmaking changes, Bungie has revealed that they will be using a matchmaking node specific to solo players, without allowing pre-made fireteams to enter.

As players continue to earn Trials reputation and even go for a Flawless run, this is a separate node that will be located directly above Trials of Osiris in the Director.

For those wanting to test the new version of Trials, PvP activity will resume at 6pm BST.

The card selection and Osiris rewards are not known until the event starts, and it may take a while to figure out the full loot list.

It will be Guardians who will have to do the hard work, as Bungie rarely gives advance directions.

However, this week the development team dropped one, confirming that the Trials will be held on a “ghostly” map.

Trials now offer a seven win challenge, which will be available from Saint-14, and yields the Adept Flawless loot.

Reputation win per match has been scaled based on the number of round wins on a ticket, and trial passes are now within account range.

Bungie has also confirmed that they have reduced the lap time to 90 seconds, with each round starting with fresh special ammunition.

Cross-Play must be enabled to participate in Trials of Osiris, which also requires the purchase of the current annual expansion.

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