Free biannual activities for kids in October: learn how to become a YouTube star

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Become the next YouTube star (Image: GETTY)

NERF is organizing a special YouTube workshop for parents and children during the fall break in October.

If you’re stuck with ideas during the mid-October, then the NERF Upload event might just be the ticket.

It all starts with a free in-person event on October 26, followed by a virtual event on the morning of October 30.

“This month, action brand NERF for Kids is calling on parents to embrace their kids’ dreams of becoming YouTube stars with the launch of NERF Upload, a series of physical and virtual events taking place this biannual October period,” reads the official description.

“Aiming at arming kids with the basic skills needed to become a YouTuber, NERF Upload will seek to showcase the many skills and benefits that come from a content creation career while dispelling common misconceptions.” that parents have about the ever-popular career aspiration.”

The in-person event will take place at Studio Space in Wapping, London and will be split over two sessions in the morning and afternoon.

The morning session lasts from 9:30 AM BST to 1:00 PM BST, while the afternoon session takes place from 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

Suitable for children from 8 to 12 years old, tickets are available for free on the EventBrite Website. Parents must remain during the activity.

The YouTube masterclass is hosted by popular UK content creators including Morgz, AJ and Sharky. Cinemavericks will also be on hand to provide advice on filmmaking.

Aspiring YouTube stars not only get the chance to learn basic filming and editing skills, but they also get the chance to play with NERF guns and master various trick shots.

And don’t worry if you can’t attend, a free virtual masterclass will be held the following weekend.

The virtual session will take place from 10-11am CEST on October 30th and will give fans the chance to submit questions and learn the art of content creation.

Again, tickets are free and can be purchased by visiting the EventBrite Website.

Speaking of NERF, there are still applications open for fans to test Halo Infinite Blasters before Christmas.

In what is arguably the best job ever, The Toy Zone hires someone to test drive the brand new Nerf Halo Bulldog SG Blaster, as well as the Halo Mangler and a Halo Master Chief helmet.

Best of all, you actually get paid to review the products online, provided you live in the UK or US.

According to The Toy Zone, successful applicants should play with each toy and explain what they like and dislike about the products.

You will also need to take some close-up photos of the items, record and unpack video, and another video where you test the products in the wild.

If you want a chance to score the job and earn some extra cash in time for Christmas, you should apply to the Toy Zone website before Nov. 12.

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