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Metroid Dread has been available for Nintendo Switch for a few days now and today should be your chance to a copy of the game plus merchandise to win!

In Metroid Dread, Samus Aran (not alone) has to deal with the dangerous EMMI. But what is actually hidden behind this very sympathetic abbreviation? At least not sympathetic creatures.

Extraplanetary Mobile Multiform Identifiers – also known as EMMI – are extremely agile, large research robots that can extract DNA. The Galactic Federation sent some of them to the unexplored planet ZDR to find out if the X exists there – a parasite that can mimic living things.

Communication with the creatures was inexplicably cut off, and on Samus Aran’s new mission, she encounters EMMI, whose behavior and intentions are apparently corrupted.

Your sensor light indicates what status an EMMI is currently in. Unsurprisingly, red isn’t good. The robot will then be in chase mode! If he catches you, that will almost certainly mean your end. In a tight time frame, you still have the chance to defend yourself with a melee counterattack.

But it is better to avoid this confrontation altogether. For example, the phantom cloak will help you. When it comes to this, in addition to the Melee counter attack, your Omega cannon will also be effective against EMMI Learn more about EMMI in the Metroid report.

Well, you only get into this showdown if you have Metroid Dread. So back to the game! Today you can:

  • Metroid Dread + Merchandise

to clean up. Answer the following question in the comment thread for this post: What tactics would you use against the EMMI? Melee counter-attack, omega cannon or rather no confrontation at all? Every response to the contribution ends up in the lottery pot.

The closing date for registrations is October 31, 2021 at 10 PM. The winner will be notified via a message on the forum. The prerequisite for this is a free account on our forum. We look forward to you!

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