“Meta” .. Find out the meaning of the new name of the Facebook group

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Facebook group president Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday to change the name of the social network’s parent company to “Meta” to better reflect all of its activities, but the name of the different networks within it will remain the same.

“We have learned a lot from the problems of social media and life on closed platforms, and now is the time to leverage all of these lessons to help build the new chapter,” Zuckerberg said at a developer conference.

“I am honored to announce that starting today our company name will be ‘half’. Our mission remains the same and is to bring people together, while our apps and brands will not change,” he added.

The founder of the Facebook network, accused by a former employee of profiting from user safety, chose the name “meta”, which in ancient Greek means “after”, to show that “there are more things to build”.

Facebook is facing a new crisis after its former employee, Frances Hogan, leaked internal studies showing network executives were aware that the company’s sites could harm some users, which strengthened calls to the United States. to control this sector.

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