After three tricks, Mihayou’s “Me-style genre” began to grow?

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GameLook reported on October 27th, Mihayou’s new work “Breakdown: Stardome Railway” opened the first small-scale closed test of deleting files. Except for a small group of lucky players, most players can also pass the streaming videos, screenshots and Feeling waiting for the first-hand information to solve the greedy.

As far as the current public content is concerned, “Breakdown: Stardome Railway” performed well. On TapTap, with nearly 700,000 appointments, “Breakdown: Stardome Railway” still maintained a high score of 8.3, and many players said it started. That is, indulging, thinking that the quality of the game is good, and the plot, performance, modeling, and dubbing are all online.

According to GameLook, with the release of “Benghuai 3”, “The Original God” and “Benghuai: Star Sky Railway”, Mihayou has gradually formed his own “symbolic label” in the minds of players. After that, a gradually clear “Metric 3D genre” took shape. Mihayou’s game may not be the most innovative in the market, but it integrates rice-style aesthetics, rice-style action, rice-style narrative and worldview architecture capabilities throughout, combining strong industrialization capabilities to stand at the top of similar products.

Innovation is good, but it cannot be forced

Many players believe that Miha Tour, which has already made some achievements, should bear the heavy responsibility of bold innovation and promotion of great leaps and bounds in the category.

However, judging from the evaluation of players, some people think that “Breakdown: Star Sky Railway” has not much innovation in the transformation of the turn-based gameplay. He believes that “Breakdown: Star Dome Railway” is a product based on JRPG’s strong narrative and “attracts players by its production quality”.

This kind of thinking is right, not all right.

The nature of the game industry is a content industry and a creative industry. It requires continuous innovation to survive. Innovation can be said to be the bounden duty of game manufacturers. Especially for a large company like Mihayou, it is a natural phenomenon for peers and players to have higher expectations for new games.

On the other hand, creativity and inspiration on which innovation relies are highly uncertain and difficult to achieve through systematic training. In other words, innovation should be a natural way and means in the game development process, not the goal of the team.

Lilith, who is also a cutting-edge game company in Shanghai, has actually told the industry a few years ago that it would suffer a lot from taking innovation as a goal.

Lilith CEO Wang Xinwen once shared that for a period of time, his requirement for agency products was “no projects that are not innovative”. Based on this highest requirement, Lilith saw more than 1,000 projects and more than 100 interviews in more than a year, and finally signed 11 models, cost 120 million, return 30 million, and loss 90 million.

Afterwards, Wang Xinwen summed up the lessons and concluded: “Innovation can only be used as a means to achieve goals and to solve specific problems. But when I take innovation itself as a goal, failure has become a high probability event.”

Four years ago, Tencent senior vice president Ma Xiaoyi also talked to GameLook about the reasons why the chicken game is so popular. At that time, he analyzed that FPS gameplay has been available for more than 20 years, but it has not been “very big” for 15 or 6 years. Innovative gameplay”. In Ma Xiaoyi’s view, there are only two FPSs that can be regarded as big innovations, one is the combination with the film’s sense of presence, and the other is the chicken-eating born after the technology matures.

Looking back at the turn-based game, turn-based games have been available for a longer time. In history, there are few products that can be called big innovations. They are more due to different design genres. For example, JRPG emphasizes narrative, CRPG focuses on Build, domestic RPG emphasizes theme and feelings, and stepping into it. After online games, more attention is paid to social interaction and so on.

Small steps and fast walking, experience upgrading is the key, bringing new ideas to users

If “Breakdown: Star Dome Railroad” is completely uninnovated, it’s actually unbiased. GameLook has participated in the trial play, and it can be regarded as some say.

From a classification point of view, “Breakdown: Star Dome Railroad” is a relatively obvious JRPG product, and it also has typical JRPG game characteristics. The story is driven by narrative, the grand world is built, and the gameplay elements are connected. Good sense of substitution. Players can make certain choices, but they are usually harmless and will not affect the general direction of the main story.

The part of “Breakdown: Star Sky Railway” reflects the innovative ideas, but in fact, it focuses more on the exploration part than fighting. The game has designed many interesting puzzles under the guidance of Hakoba, hoping to create a rich game experience in the limited map scenes as much as possible.

In terms of combat, “Bang Huai: Star Dome Railroad” combines Mihayou’s action game design ideas in “Beng Huai 3”. The game perspective adopts the “human perspective” based on the character’s back instead of the overhead view commonly used in turn-based games. , At the same time, “Breakdown: Star Dome Railway” added a crosshair design to specific actions to assist the player in operation, and strengthened the intention of “action-based transformation of turn-based gameplay”.

Of course, overall, the battle of “Breakdown: Star Dome Railroad” may indeed lack variables. For example, the design of the JRPG big map to hit the monsters into the battle is already well-known. Involving innovation in mechanism, players with elemental weaknesses have been amazed in advance by “Original God”.

It’s no wonder that there are players who give Miha swim ideas and want to add stance and movement mechanisms in the battle. Of course, if you go deeper, there are many turn-based games with positional relationships, such as “Dark Dungeon” and even “Three Kingdoms”. “Wait.

It can be found that gameplay innovation is not an easy task. Especially for a highly mature category, it has often experienced more than ten years of long development. As you can think of, the predecessors have already thought of and even done it. Instead of pursuing newness, it is better to pursue the best experience at every level. good.

Mihayou actually does exactly that.

The ultimate quality, stylized occupy the player’s mind

When “Breakdown: Stardome Railroad” was first announced in early October, GameLook pointed out that unlike previous turn-based games, which were synonymous with “simple audiovisual effects”, “Breakdown: Stardome Railroad” has done a lot of audiovisual work.

For example, the character drawing and modeling are of extremely high quality. Each character is very eye-catching in both the menu interface and the running diagram. In addition to the cuteness of old friends such as Ji Zi and the new characters such as March 7th, they also accurately match the fans’ love. Electric wave.

In the eyes of some players who have observed carefully, “Broken Down: Star Dome Railway” is based on the technical accumulation of “Yuan Shen” and “Artificial Desktop”. In terms of body movements, facial expression systems and other character performance effects, it has been produced with similar two-dimensional products in the market. The advantage of generation difference.

Excellent expression system can withstand close-up shots

However, there are also concerns that “Breakdown: Star Dome Railway” may lose its own characteristics, such as UI interaction and system development.

GameLook’s view on this part is exactly the opposite. Through the “three axes” of “Benghuai 3”, “Original God” and “Benghuai: Star Dome Railway”, Mihayou is quietly establishing a clear-cut “Metric 3D genre” in the market. When players see a cartoon rendered 3D game, they will think of the original god, of collapse, and of Mihayou. And this art style is actually different from the flagship products of Netease and Tencent. Those who don’t believe it can compare Onmyoji and Yuanshen. Although both are two-dimensional, they are not a genre.

In essence, Mihayou has created an invisible visual trademark of its own through continuous enhancement of the art style and repeated emphasis. It is quite a bit of NCsoft’s “twenty years as a day” to create the aesthetics of Hallyu games, and the curve bottle to Coca-Cola Generally, once the product is symbolized and the player’s mind is occupied, the benefit given to Mihayou is not the success of a single product, but the vision of an IP that lasts more than ten years.

Of course, Hallyu’s aesthetics have not remained the same over the years. It mainly depends on technology, equipment performance, and user groups. When will Mihayou’s stylization appear again? It may take several years of technology accumulation.

More importantly, “Breakdown: Star Dome Railway” will also help Mihayou to further seize the high ground of the 3D two-dimensional game. Other companies who want to make the same type of products are passively in the position of a challenger, and their products will also be unavailable. Avoid being compared with products such as “Breakdown: Star Dome Railway”. Once there are similarities in art and gameplay, it may be criticized by public opinion.

To put it more vividly, “Breakdown: Star Dome Railway” is making a mobile game with a stand-alone and host-level idea, and at the same time it further solidifies its own style of play. It has gradually matured industrialization system, technical capabilities, and artistic style. , And successfully “squat-registered” the unique “Me-style genre trademark”.

On the turn-based track where everyone can enter the game, the appearance of “Breakdown: Star Dome Railroad” makes the challenge of “catch up with Mihayou” even more difficult. This may be exactly what “Breakdown: Stars” challenge. One of the missions undertaken by “Dome Railway”.

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