In the middle of the night, LOL players swept their screens frantically, and the EDG, who was not broken or standing, advanced to the S final for the first time!

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GameLook reports/It’s very simple to distinguish a person’s attributes online. It depends on whether he shouted last night to pay the balance or EDG NB.

On October 31, LPL’s last hope EDG faced LCK’s GEN team. After five fierce rounds, EDG finally defeated GEN with a score of 3:2 and successfully advanced to the League of Legends S11 global finals, creating the best team history. The results.

After the game, “EDG advances to the finals” directly topped the hot search on Weibo. Many related topics were at the forefront. Coupled with the day when the final payment was paid on Double Eleven, the scene mentioned at the beginning appeared. The final payment was doubled with EDG. Xiong’s dominance became the dominant topic in the circle of friends and Weibo last night.

Of course, from GameLook’s point of view, the topic of “final paragraph” is actually very similar to EDG, and they are both in their own special way, subtly becoming people’s new way of life.

Do not break or stand? EDG team enters the S finals for the first time in history

Since October, the two top-tier events in the e-sports world TI and the League of Legends S11 global finals have almost started together, making e-sports the protagonist.

But for many viewers, this year’s e-sports competition is a bit “hypertensive”. The reason is also very simple. The performance of the Chinese e-sports clubs on the court is a bit unreasonable.

The poor performance of FPX and LNG were out of the group stage early, and the players were under tremendous pressure after the match. Ale of the LNG team burst into tears, and the mid laner icon also shared his S11 mentality afterwards and shared it with the audience. Apologize.

At the same time, the remaining two LPL teams, EDG and RNG, failed to avoid the fate of the “civil war” from meeting in the top 8 in the draw, which means that only one team can go on. This game finally played 5 games, and EDG’s difficult victory became the last fire of the LPL team.

Entered the semi-finals, but EDG is still not favored by too many people. Even the senior “starch” really sweats for him. It is only necessary for EDG to play its own style. Related issues are even known. Flutter and other communities are widely discussed.

The reason for not being optimistic is also very simple. Looking at the four teams in the semifinals, one is T1, who has set a triple crown, the other is the double crown hegemon who is gradually regaining its status, and the remaining one is the momentum. Sheng’s defending star DK, EDG is naturally slightly inferior in terms of performance alone, and EDG has been stumbled in the previous few games.

But as the so-called EDG never disappoints in disappointing things, EDG proved its own strength with a BO5, and it also allowed the audience to reignite the enthusiasm of e-sports.

In fact, the reason why EDG is able to refresh the circle of friends and hot search, in addition to creating the best results in team history, also has a lot to do with the excitement of this BO5.

Scout’s super god Zoe, Viper’s daring to fight Lucian, Flandre’s “Sky Thunder” Kenan, and the stable team brain Meiko. The one that impressed people the most, and even already out of the circle, was undoubtedly Jiejie’s five-handed Prince Demacia. Netizens gave it a new nickname “Jiawen Five Trials”.

And also made the prince hero become a new stalk of “Why not Ban XX” after Tetsuo, Galio, and Mammoth, but this time the question is no longer a Chinese audience, but a player in the LCK division.

Of course, if you look at performance alone, the prince of Jiejie’s performance in this BO5 is not stable. When there are impatient mistakes, there are also moments of highlight. However, e-sports is not only an instant reaction within milliseconds, but also a protracted physical and psychological battle.

As netizens said, although Jiejie played abnormally in the first few rounds, he still dared to play and operate in the crucial fifth round. He did not retreat because of fear of mistakes and mistakes. As a fan, there is nothing to support. The reason for it.

Obviously, EDG’s performance in this year’s S11 has become a standard inspirational and passionate e-sports story, and it also fits the theme of this year’s World Championship, “Unbreakable and unreliable”. Of course, there is a fierce battle waiting for them, that is, the defending champion DK, who is gaining momentum in the finals. Obviously, this passionate and inspirational “e-sports drama” is still being staged.

E-sports cooling down?S11 inside and outside the stadium is still lively

As we all know, compared with previous years, this year’s League of Legends Global Finals has a little more “variables.”

Due to various uncontrollable factors such as the epidemic situation, Riot announced one month before the start that the venue of the League of Legends S11 global finals had moved from China to Iceland.

At that time, although most of the audience and players expressed their understanding and support, they were also very worried about whether the preparations for the entire global finals would become too hasty due to the change of the venue, and whether the players would be uncomfortable.

On the other hand, last year’s S10 was grandly held in Shanghai, China, but the LPL team failed to hit the championship. This year’s global finals temporarily changed the venue to not be held in China. Many people think that this year may be a year of cooling for China’s e-sports.

However, in terms of results, this is not the case.

Although the LPL team was unfavorable, the S11 field still moved the domestic audience. More importantly, after entering the semi-finals, every BO5 has a high degree of excitement, especially in the top 4 matchups. The four teams have played two BO5 games and created countless topics and famous scenes.

For example, the matchup between T1 and DK is a match between “History No. 1 Middle School” and “World No. 1 Middle School”, and it is also a battle between old LCK players and emerging forces. Both teams have done their best. The players also summed up the progress of the event from the beginning of “Only Xu Xiuxiu, no Xu Xiuxiu” gradually to “Only Xu Xiuxiu, no Xiuxiu.” Netizens said that they did not recognize these words.

In the EDG vs. GEN match, in addition to making the 5 selection of princes a hot topic, the “fighting” between the old fairy Huang Xudong and Guan Zeyuan off the field has also become a topic of discussion. Finally, Huang Xudong has a deeper qualifications. After winning, the players expressed their dissatisfaction with the power of the “predecessors”.

Of course, the so-called tainted milk is naturally more ridicule, but it is also similar to various metaphysical predictions in the Football World Cup, adding a lot of fun factors and out-of-the-loop stalks to the game.

In addition, after the EDG team won the difficult BO5 in the semi-finals, some players discovered that Iceland, where the S11 was held, was exactly 7777 kilometers away from China. Although the factory director of the EDG team’s soul player (ClearLove) did not appear in the global finals, there was a will of 7 everywhere on the field.

In addition to netizens telling things about their fun and running, the outstanding performance of the EDG team has also caused reports from many mainstream media including CCTV News and The Paper.

For a long time, the annual League of Legends S Series is like a carnival party for all e-sports lovers. From this year’s situation, time and space have not blocked people’s enthusiasm for e-sports. E-sports continues to be hot.

Into life, more humane gaming

In the past few years, the theme of e-sports is undoubtedly development and growth. Now the industry has begun to mature, and e-sports is also growing more life, firework and humanity.

The most prominent is the increasingly popular offline watching activities. Under the premise of cooperating with the local epidemic prevention work, the official has held offline watching events in many places across the country. At the same time, many theaters are also actively catering to the Z generation, and specially launched e-sports watching events. S11 also started from the live broadcast platform. The picture walked into parks, shopping malls, taverns, and movie theaters.

Cheers, shouts, cheers, and cheers. Although this S11 Global Finals was not held in China, the enthusiasm of the audience and the atmosphere of e-sports are still rising in China.

At the same time, as people’s awareness of e-sports is getting higher and higher, e-sports has gradually begun to be integrated into people’s lives and become an optional entertainment method.

In addition to the offline spectator groups, another highlight is the increasing number of spontaneous support activities with frequent tricks. There are college students, cosplayers, and a large number of ordinary audiences through various forms. Show yourself and express your enthusiasm.

The takeaway guy urges you to go home and watch S11

On Weibo, topics such as #S11大学学生电竞竞高高#, #把LPL主场去Iceland# and other topics have repeatedly appeared on hot searches. With the further development of the competition, EDG has naturally become the most popular topic.

In addition, in addition to traditional commentators and retired players sitting in the live broadcast hall of the event, more people from different fields and industries have joined them, allowing e-sports to reach more and different circles, and for more people to understand and join e-sports. In the army watching the game.

For example, in the live broadcast of the League of Legends S11 semifinals on Tencent Video, well-known football commentator Huang Jianxiang was a guest on the scene and talked a lot about his views on e-sports and the two teams, T1 and DK.

It is not without warning that e-sports will become more humane in the city and in life, because e-sports itself begins with love.

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