KartRider: Drift fires its engines in the state of play

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The Korean Studio Nexon Korea benefited from Situation of this Wednesday, October 27, 2021, held by Sony, to announce the title KartRider: Drift Certainly PS4 in 2022 and a closed beta from December 8 to 15, 2021. The title is already available on pc, Xbox One and Series X / S.

KartRider: Drift announced with gameplay trailer for PS4.

Series KartRider is well known to gamers who like racing games, with its very… Mario Kart arcade style.

This new work KartRider: Drift finally arrives PS4 in 2022, while it has been available on other platforms for a while, except the Nintendo Switch of course.

The title is cross play and cross save.

Closed beta

In this closed beta from December 8 to 15, 2021 (available on registration), you can play online against the whole world.

Two game modes are offered in this beta:

  • Object Mode: During the race, collect 15 objects on the track to attack your opponents or defend yourself or your allies;
  • Speed ​​Mode: In this mode, you have to drift to fill your boost meter and therefore burn the rubber to cross the finish line as fast as possible.

Seven characters and 20 karts will be playable and customizable, including some familiar ones from the series, among the 100 karts and 150 characters that will make up the final game.

No less than 30 circuits are offered, as diverse as they are varied, with their own interactions.

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The PS4 version is still not posted on the Playstation Store but you can already play KartRider on other platforms:

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