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State of Play Releases New Information for Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

During the Situation from Wednesday 27 October the studio Steel Wool Studios brought us new information about the gameplay of the title Five nights at Freddy’s: Security Beach, announced on the Situation by Sony in February. The title is available at Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and pc Dec 16, 2021.

State of affairs: the summary!
Here’s the summary of Sony’s state of play and the announcement of the next upcoming next-gen games.
Trailer for Five Nights At Fredd’s: Secrity Beach, during State of Play.


Five nights at Freddy’s: Security Beach is a survival horror like the rest of the series, all in first person view.

The adventure takes place in the Mega Pizza Plex by Freddy Fazbear, where you play as Gregory, who is locked up in the establishment for the night. Survive and find the exit, keep calm, the night will be long!

STAFF robots, Roxy, Chica and Monty go on a mission to hunt you relentlessly. Be careful to be discreet because if the alarm goes off when you have seen you you will start a race against the alarmed machines and you will have to hide quickly.


You are accompanied by a more than useful ally, the Freddy Fazbear, it will focus on:

  • Show your shortcuts;
  • Give you advice;
  • Keep you informed of available challenges.

Remember to keep an eye on your energy meter and therefore charge it when necessary at the stations.

The Fazwatch gives you access to surveillance cameras to better prepare for your trips. Also, use multiple hideouts to go incognito.

You can use decorative objects to create a diversion or certain weapons to stun these doom machines, such as:

  • The Faz Cam, which paralyzes the enemies in front of you, but can be used intelligently because it is limited;
  • The Fazblaster is formidable, but aim for the head if you want to get the most damage out of it.

Many other things are waiting for you in this future installment of the series Five nights at Freddy’s, but shhh we won’t say anything more!

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There is currently no pre-order available, but here are the links for the version Playstation 4/5 and pc through Steam Currently not available.

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