First Class Trouble Servers Down and Connection Issues: Latest PS4 and PS5

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Top-notch issues with server issues (Image: INVISIBLE WALLS)

There are First Class Trouble issues tonight for some gamers reporting issues joining games.

The good news is that developers Invisible Walls are aware of the issues and are trying to fix them on PS4, PS5, and Steam.

The latest news about the situation is that players are struggling to join games and continue in matches against other players.

A message from invisible Walls reads: “We are currently investigating lobbies that are bogged down in matchmaking.”

However, there is currently no ETA on how long First Class Trouble servers will be offline.

First Class Troubles launched earlier today and is currently available to download for free with a PS Plus subscription on PS4 and PS5.

The game is also available on Steam, leaving only Xbox and Nintendo without access to the major platforms.

The game is First Class Trouble and could be the perfect way to get ready for Among Us in December.

That’s because First Class Trouble is a Hidden Identity game that has a lot in common with the popular InnerSloth title.

One of the major differences is that First Class is built in a 3D game world where humans compete against androids.


“At the start of each game, you are randomly assigned the role of Resident or Personoid. Inhabitants are human passengers and personoids are mechanically designed assistants whose programming has been overwritten.

“Although everyone plays together, you will have to achieve different goals depending on your role. Here you have to make a crucial decision: to cooperate or to mislead?

“For residents, your main goal is to take out the rogue AI at the heart of the Alithea. To reach CAIN, you must collect three keycards to advance to the next level deeper in the ship.

“For Personoids, your main goal is simple: to prevent the residents from succeeding at all costs. That means lying, cheating and ultimately ridding the ship of those nasty people. Despite the many potential dangers in the game (and there are many), cheating is arguably the deadliest weapon to wield in First Class Trouble. Who can you trust?”

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