Netflix launches a series of video games for subscribers around the world

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Streaming giant Netflix announced Tuesday the launch of a video game series for its subscribers around the world as it seeks to diversify its products and invest in the lucrative video game market.

Two of the games offered by the network are inspired by the world of the science fiction horror series “Stranger Things”, while the remaining three games, “Shooting Hops”, “Card Blast” and “Tettier Up”, are either card or levitation games.

These games have been available for weeks to Netflix subscribers in Poland, Spain and Italy.

And subscribers from all over the world, who supply tablets or smartphones with the Google Android operating system, can download games for free from their devices and play ad-free.

The group has not announced whether it intends to release these games on devices running Apple’s “iOS” system.

But he indicated his intention to release more games soon.

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