Game Trailers: Elden Ring almost 20 minutes of gameplay

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Short and sweet, so as not to slow you down, Bandai Namco donated almost 20 minutes of gameplay to us today Elden ring that shortens the wait time for the release on February 25, 2022 for PlayStations and Xbox.

That’s all there is to see, as evidenced by the accompanying press release:

  • Comprehensive world design: The carefully designed “Zwischenland” enables unprecedented immersion for FromSoftware’s biggest game to date. There are secrets to discover behind every corner of this immersive world. The game encourages exploring the world.
  • Ancient dungeons: Large multistorey dungeons and classic FromSoftware level design are integrated into the world.
  • Movement: The intermediate lands can be crossed on the spectral horse and even a fight is possible on the horse’s back.
  • wrestling: Players can choose between beginner and advanced combat options due to the number of weapon types and magical disciplines.
  • Multiplayer: It is possible to play together with friends in coop multiplayer and help other infected people defeat powerful opponents.

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