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On November 23, the world of FFXIV fans should stand still. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker was planned. In terms of story, this is about nothing less than the end of the world and players would go on a journey to the moon for the first time.

The trip will be postponed, but cancellation insurance is not mandatory. Square Enix has a postponement until December 7, 2021 announced, so everything stays within the box.

“I’m sorry to announce this so close to launch, but I’ve decided to delay the release of Endwalker,” said Naoki Yoshida. The result is two weeks. “There are several reasons for this postponement, but as the project manager I oversee all aspects of the title, the responsibility rests with me.”

As part of this, early access was re-dated to December 3. Patches 6.01 and 6.05 will be released on December 21 and January 4, 2022 respectively.

Yoshida describes his “own selfishness as the director of the game” as the biggest factor behind the shift. Balancing work as producer and director along with the biggest expansion to date was all a bit much.

“But as we approached the end of development and I played everything from missions to combat content and the like, I couldn’t resist my desire to further improve the quality of Endwalker,” Yoshida continued.

The story would go on for a long time. “But precisely because Endwalker is closing the first big saga, I felt that our team had to push itself to the ‘limits’ I had envisioned, so it only takes a few days.

It is the first postponement of a competition that Naoki Yoshida is working in a leadership position, he explains. He once postponed a game from spring to early summer, but nothing else. The fans will be able to handle these last two weeks.

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