First Details on Adi Shankar’s New Anime

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In 2018, Capcom announced an anime adaptation of Devil May Cry. There was Devil May Cry 5 has not yet been released and not every other popular video game series has a Netflix series. But of course, Adi Shankar already existed and was successful with his Castlevania series on Netflix.

For a long time, however, we did not get any specific details. But now Shankar spoke to me IGN and revealed new details. It is already clear that there will be several seasons. The script for the first season is in the bag. It was made with Alex Larson and Shankar calls it crazy.

The first season will have eight episodes, but the story doesn’t stop with this first season. It is a so-called multi-season arc, so the story is told over several seasons.

He declined to give details about the story. But so much: “I can confirm Virgil is there, as well as Lady and of course Dante,” he says. “I can also confirm that Chris Pratt will not be speaking to any of the characters.” Someone knows their way around the scene.

Shankar also states that working with Capcom has been “a dream” so far. Management and creatives have been incredibly helpful and friendly, says Shankar. Shankar was also able to work directly with Hiroyuki Kobayashi.

Production of the anime is slated to begin in early 2022. A date for its first broadcast has not yet been set – and that is probably still a long way off. According to Comic book the anime will run on Netflix.

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