Are you going to get Elden Ring?

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The players are eagerly looking forward to February 25, 2022. This is not just another Friday to look forward to. On this day or the weeks after, many have already handed in their vacation, because the latest game from FromSoftware is out: Elden ring!

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco took a look at what the game is all about and what opponents await in a small gameplay premiere this week. There’s a good boss fight and more of the map to see. During the excursion, a narrator tells you more about the world in the preview, which is known as the “intermediate country”.

With a bit of luck, very lucky players can even participate in a closed network test, which will take place next week. But do you also need that? Or is the purchase already certain for you? This is exactly the question we want to get to the bottom of today.

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The results of the Sunday question of November 1

sunday question: Which fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is your favorite?

  • Pyra / Mythra 10.17% (6 votes)
  • Sora 8.47% (5 votes)
  • Cloud 6.78% (4 votes)
  • Pairing 5.08% (3 votes)
  • Kirby 5.08% (3 votes)
  • Samus Aran 3.39% (2 votes)
  • Sheikh 3.39% (2 votes)
  • mr. Game and Watch 3.39% (2 votes)
  • Ridley 3.39% (2 votes)
  • Banjo and Kazooie 3.39% (2 votes)

Total of all votes: 59

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