GTA 6 release date: good news for waiting Grand Theft Auto fans

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the latest news about the release of GTA 6 (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)

Parent company Take-Two Interactive has confirmed that it will launch more than 50 new games before April 2022, and there’s a good chance GTA 6 will be among them.

The vacuum left by a big Grand Theft Auto 6 reveal probably won’t be filled by one game, but 62 new titles will certainly take some of the heat from Rockstar Games.

The number of titles planned for the coming years was revealed during Take-Two’s latest earnings report.

These games are divided into categories, with the 23 “core immersive” titles expected to include GTA 6 and its final release date.

Take-Two confirms that this number is fluid as some games will be canceled, pushed back and new ones taking their place.

To help with this surge in projects, Take-Two has confirmed a major jump in hiring, with CEO Strauss Zelnick confirming on the earning call:

“We believe we can maintain these favorable engagement patterns while continuing to deliver the highest quality entertainment experiences powered by our team’s passion and commitment to creativity and innovation.

“We have taken important actions to implement our long-term strategic vision. We continue to improve and diversify our pipeline across a range of platforms, business models and genres. To support this, we are investing in our infrastructure and driving key hires ranging from senior talent at our labels to the addition of more than 350 new developers in the second quarter.”

And good news was also shared during the event that while one game was scrapped, it was unrelated to GTA 6.

The minutes of the meeting confirmed that Take-Two had taken a major down payment of $53 million while ending development on an unannounced title in the pipeline.

This sounds big enough to impact any major project within the company, with a new report from Bloomberg giving more details on which studios were involved.

According to Bloomberg, it was a game curated by Hangar 13 and intended for a superhero title that had not been announced.

Rumors are still circulating about Take-Two’s biggest franchise, Grand Theft Auto, and when we might hear more about it.

According to new rumors circulating, the development team behind the successful sandbox franchise will be ready to release the first information about the next Grand Theft Auto game in November.

This would end years of silence at Rockstar Games and answer a wide variety of questions.

Fans would probably get to know the important facts like where the game takes place, what era the game will use and the kind of world the development team is creating for GTA 6.

It would also give Rockstar the perfect opportunity to answer big questions about the future of GTA Online, including whether there will be a next-gen version alongside the next Grand Theft Auto game.

The biggest question that can be answered is when GTA 6 will come out on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Based on past game launches, fans would likely have to wait a few more years for the game to hit shelves. Some of the earliest predictions are based on 2023, but the downside is that these most recent rumors come from non-sourced information and should be taken with a grain of salt.

There have been no hints or leaks so far suggesting GTA 6 will be unveiled this month, leaving gamers waiting for the next big reveal.

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