Nintendo wants to “further improve and expand” Nintendo Switch Online

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The expansion of Nintendo Switch Online with games for Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive caused a lot of criticism from fans at the beginning. Shortly after, there were first data mining finds for possible further N64 games and moments later GoldenEye 007 was also removed from the index. So what’s next with the service?

In the current annual report, Nintendo puts the number of subscribers at 32 million. Given the hardware base, there is still room for improvement. You refer to the latest innovations and updates of the service, but also indicate that you want to improve it further.

“Going forward, we will continue to improve and expand both Nintendo Switch Online and the expansion pack to offer services that satisfy consumers,” so nintendo.

In addition to other N64 games already confirmed, fans keep thinking about other platforms. Before Nintendo added the N64 games, there were media reports about Game Boy games on Nintendo Switch Online.

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