What connects Dungeon Encounters to the Tokyo subway network and guinea pigs

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Of the Square Enix Blog spoke to the creators behind Dungeon Encounters. “The pure essence of the active-time combat system” reports Jan in our Dungeon Encounters test. In the interview, the developers give some interesting insights into inspiration and creation.

“The concept for the game came about when we looked at a 3D map of the Tokyo subway network,” says Ito-san. “Tokyo subway has many different lines that are connected in a very complicated way. But each line has its own character – some lines are actually quite short, and others run all over the city, for example. You can also switch between the lines to try and control them all.”

The developers wanted to present the complex system in an understandable way. “By setting up the play space as a simple 2D grid, you reduce the amount of information you have to process as a player,” explains Kato-san. “That makes it easier to understand the current situation and let your imagination run wild.”

Excel spreadsheets and cute guinea pigs

But not everything in Dungeon Encounters is crazy and new. The battles are inspired by the Active Time Battle System. Ito-san once designed this himself for Final Fantasy V. However, there are a few refinements that make it more strategic for Dungeon Encounters.

Ito-san used an Excel spreadsheet to balance the battle system. “Ito-san put all the formulas related to the fight in an Excel file and used that when he adjusted the overall balance in his head during the match. This data was then implemented in the game. We also ran test matches on several occasions – we balanced events in this way throughout the development process,” Kat reports.

If you’ve played Dungeon Encounters before, you already know the guinea pig thing. The inspiration for this is relatively unexciting. Kato-san explains, “We wanted to have a transformation in the game – something that would play the part of the ‘toad’ spell in the Final Fantasy series. We thought it would be a nice touch to have something cute like the pigs in Final Fantasy Tactics in the game,” added Ito-san. “So I chose guinea pigs.”

You can find the whole interview in Square Enix Blog.

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