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Game Trailers: PlayStation branded video with Easter Eggs


Sony has released a new branded video for the PlayStation brand. In this one we can go looking for Easter eggs.

The press release writes:

In Playtopia, the location of the global brand video “Play knows no boundaries”, many allusions and references to already known and unreleased games are hidden. Watchful eyes are now required, as Easter Eggs discoverers can win great prizes in a new PlayStation campaign.

Participants can register in the Interactive place look for the secrets. To do this, watch the video and pause the screen as soon as an Easter egg is suspected. With a click on an Easter egg, interesting details about the corresponding game are also presented.

An Easter egg found qualifies participants for the promotion competition. Depending on the number of secrets found, they will land in one of three prize pools with exciting raffle prizes. The search can be restarted at any time, but only the best run will be counted.

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