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WhatsApp is developing a new “community” feature for its apps, which may be different from existing apps for groups.

The beta version of WhatsApp v2.21.21.6 has arrived with many new series indicating an upcoming feature called Community, according to the Arab portal for technical news. These chains are new additions to the platform, indicating work on a new community feature. On the surface, the community functionality may be somewhat similar to the functionality of existing groups as well.

Additionally, the communities functionality appears to offer group admins more power over groups. This includes the ability to create groups within groups, and admins may be able to invite new users via the community invite link and then start messaging other members. It’s hard to say what these chats might look like at the moment, but they appear to be end-to-end encrypted. The subtle design change also seems to help differentiate communities from regular group chats.

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Earlier this year, WhatsApp’s new privacy policy caused confusion among users about what you share with the parent company and led to a mass exodus to those other apps. And when WhatsApp was discontinued with Facebook’s entire app network last month, Telegram gained a whopping 70 million users. Interestingly, WhatsApp is one of the largest instant messaging platforms in existence, and despite being of this size and popularity, the application is slow to add functionality.

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