Rainbow Six Siege High Caliber Reveal: Thorn Release Date, New Season Update News

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Rainbow Six Siege Thorn and High Caliber Reveal (Image: UBISOFT)

Ubisoft reveals its plans for the next season of Rainbow Six Siege, called Operation High Caliber.

We already know important details about the new update, including the operator who will headline the upcoming expansion.

Thorn will shake things up by purchasing new sticky bombs that drop a shrapnel when an attacker approaches.

The Razorbloom Shells are technically grenades, meaning they provide greater range for application over claymores.

There will also be a new weapon to use, although details around the SMG are still very thin on the ground.

But we still don’t know Thorn’s release date and when R6 fans can expect the new season of Rainbow Six Siege content.

This should all be revealed later today as part of the Six Sweden Major, which starts today and runs through November 14.

Here’s what we know so far about the Rainbow Six Siege High Caliber reveal on November 8:

According to Ubisoft, the Rainbow Six Siege High Caliber reveal time is slated to be 6pm GMT or 1pm EDT if you live in the United States.

Thorn is expected to take center stage as part of the reveal, with Ubisoft also teasing more about the new weapon coming to the game.

Other plans for map reworks and operator changes are also expected to be revealed during the short event.

Here’s one of the first descriptions released about Thorn, and more are expected to be shared later in the day:

“She is a devoted woman, stubborn, takes no one’s rubbish. She’s a good choice for a recruit – you’d struggle to find another soldier as strong or as smart. Her infamous obstacle course represents her perfectly in that sense, and you said so yourself – that thing is as hard as it gets.

“We have a solid team, but Brianna will definitely finish it perfectly. You never have to worry about her being top notch, and if we’re lucky, she’ll kick some of us in the back for motivation. When she’s not so wary, she takes her time and helps anyone who needs it.

“For that matter – she treats people just as well as she treats her. She has a smile and a hug for her friends, and nothing but aches and pains for anyone who messes with her or what she stands for. Her four brothers always gave her a hard time, so don’t be surprised at how often the word “bully” appears in her vocabulary.

‘I’ll spare you the stories, she can tell you herself if she wants to. She’s already told Mira, judging by that insane device she designed for her. Territorial is one way of putting it: Entering the warning zone is like a cactus that kindly tells you you’re about to step on it barefoot. It’s no less terrifying, but at least you can adapt. It is sharp, clear and beautifully made.

“With the Six Invitational approaching, I’m sure Brianna will fit in well and maybe even push our team to victory. The others will have to redouble their efforts to keep up with us, and I certainly won’t complain about that. I’ll see you both at training.”

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