The players are greater than the capital. What is the difference between EDG’s win and the previous screen?

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GameLook report/In the early morning of November 7, a sound of “EDG Niubi” broke the silent night, and a carnival belonging to young people was being staged.

150 million official live broadcast views, 80 hot searches on Weibo, and 2 billion views of #EDG夺冠# Weibo topics, whether it is a senior fan in the circle or a passerby who pays less attention to the field of e-sports, I believe you already know— —

EDG won the championship.

Three refreshes, from industrial science popularization to cultural empowerment

Looking back at the past three championship teams, we can actually see the growth trajectory of the domestic e-sports industry.

On November 3, 2018, a dazzling meteor pierced the night sky of Incheon, and an IG sentence blasted the entire network. After 8 years, LPL ushered in the first global finals championship in history, and activated players’ The enthusiasm for competition has also opened the best era of e-sports.

At that time, major mainstream media and official media also reported on this historic moment. As a milestone event in China’s e-sports industry, in addition to the exciting news of running and reporting, the official media reported more in favor of e-sports. The introduction of popular science on the competition industry has exported bits and pieces of the e-sports industry to the majority of Chinese people.

For example, three days after S8 IG won the championship that year, CCTV News used a long picture to popularize the form of the e-sports industry.

Similarly, there are many mainstream media who have taken stock of the ups and downs of China’s e-sports industry, as well as the hardships and hardships experienced by the former founders of e-sports.

From a scourge to being gradually recognized, from a niche to the general public, IG’s winning of the championship ignited people’s enthusiasm for e-sports and promoted the rapid development of the industry. Therefore, 2018 is also called the “first year of e-sports” by many people.

The fact is indeed the case. Since then, the e-sports industry has ushered in a take-off, and many places across the country have introduced policies to build the “e-sports capital”, and major e-sports events have been released one after another.

In 2019, the e-sports industry is booming, and LPL has also achieved great results. The FPX team won the League of Legends S9 global finals through all obstacles, and “FPX Niubi” has been screened for the second time.

As for this second championship report, the official media focused more on industrial development and construction. For example, after FPX won the championship, the Economic Daily “The Chinese team is gaining the championship in the global e-sports industry market operation” was reprinted to CCTV. Online.

The industry has gradually matured and the country has blossomed in many places, and now e-sports has also revealed more value. After EDG won the championship, the official media not only reported the exciting news, but also tilted more towards the humanistic spirit of e-sports in the content of the report.

The industry has gradually matured and the country has blossomed in many places, and now e-sports has also revealed more value. After EDG won the championship, the official media not only reported the exciting news, but also tilted more towards the humanistic spirit of e-sports in the content of the report.

CCTV reports EDG wins the championship

Under the rapid development of inspiration, persistence, dreams, and glory, the humanity and value of e-sports are gradually being explored.

Not only the players, but also the audience. On the other side, with the rise of the industry, people’s way of watching matches is also changing.

From mobile phones, tablets, and computer screens to e-sports hotels, pubs, city squares, etc., e-sports is stepping out of the screen and becoming a lifestyle and popular culture loved by young people.

The third time the screen was swiped, and the third time was widely reported by the official media. Behind it is the growth and maturity of the e-sports industry. With the continuous absorption and tolerance of other cultural carriers, e-sports is also exporting positive values ​​to the public and society.

“The Will of 7”

7, is a lucky number commonly recognized by many people, and in the EDG team, this number has been given a lot of deep meaning behind it. With the S11 winning the championship, 7 will also be popular.

Iceland is exactly 7777 kilometers away from China; the final is the 7777th day of the birth of DK mid laner Showmaker; if the game reaches the fifth game, the time will come to November 7th, which is exactly 7th of the week; on the field, EDG’s Viper player Hit 777 crit damage; the final is just the seventh Bo5 in the entire S11 knockout stage…

Of course, in addition to this, after winning the crown and swiping the entire network, there have also been some voices that people in the e-sports circle do not like. Some media have begun to analyze EDG’s behind-the-scenes boss, capital power, and business map. The power of capital is above the “people”.

E-sports, “electronics” is its presentation mode, and “sports” is its core.

The reason why EDG was able to swipe the screen on the whole network is due to the unremitting efforts and hard work of every player on the field, especially in the S11 global finals, with “EDG never disappointed in this aspect.” “Let it down” Debuff, EDG before the game is not favored by many people.

At the same time, entering the semi-finals, EDG faced an unprecedentedly strong team. The three LCK teams with championship backgrounds made EDG’s hopes of winning the championship even slimmer.

When not being optimistic or believed, EDG believed in themselves, and they created their own miracles.

Since entering the knockout stage, EDG has played 5 games in every game. Their strong resilience and perseverance made them laugh to the end with a score of 3:2.

In the finals, after getting the first win in the opening game, EDG fell into the BP trap prepared by DK, losing two points in a row and being passive by the opponent.

But just like all the way, the EDG players were not discouraged at the critical moment. They pulled two rounds in a row, and finally ended the hope of DK’s defending champion with excellent teamfights in the final. The theme of this year’s S game is “not broken or standing.” It got a perfect fulfillment in them.

In this process, every player has experienced a baptism and growth. The team’s big brother assisted player Meiko to complete the Grand Slam; the mid laner Scout gradually grew into the core C position in the team; the top laner Flandre’s persistence made him laugh to the last; the inheritance of the jungler Jiejie; the AD player Viper’s Break through yourself and regain your original intention.

In fact, this is why “7’s Will” can successfully get out of the circle and become the hottest stem in the S11 global finals.

On the one hand, a series of quite coincidental numbers, some topics closely related to the players, have a metaphysical, a joke, is the best conversation for the audience to entertain and tease.

On the other hand, the “7” stems from Clearlove, the “soul of EDG” player, and also the hero who helped EDG win the first MSI championship. The inheritance of the spirit of competition, although the player representing 7 is no longer on the court, he is like a spiritual totem, becoming a tacit symbol between players and fans, which is like mentioning most of the women’s volleyball players. Think of Lang Ping, think of Liu Guoliang when mentioning table tennis, and think of Yao Ming when mentioning men’s basketball.

E-sports, as an emerging form of sports recognized by the mainstream and just entering the Hangzhou Asian Games, although the presentation form is different from traditional sports, the sportsmanship behind it is the same.

GameLook believes that after several years of development, e-sports has entered a new era. Of course, there are bosses, capital, and gossip trails, but they are not “the right thing.” The hard work is a bit overwhelming, and the hard work of the players is the value that should be amplified.

An episode after the game proved this point. Many spectators were moved and paid tribute to the top laners of the two teams in the final, Flandre and Khan.

One is that they have been well-known and loved by the audience since their debut because of their outstanding operation. Despite this, they have failed to achieve substantial results. They have hits and grown up again and again, and finally got what they wanted. The hard work finally paid off, which was recognized by the family and the audience. .

The other is always “following” the championship, but in the final stage of his career, he still didn’t get his wish, but he chose to accept it calmly, even if he left, he would leave with a smile.

The growth trajectories of the two seem to be somewhat similar, but they have different endings. Undoubtedly, like all competitive games, the e-sports arena where winners and losers are cruel, but it also makes every player who has struggled in the arena worthy of respect.

Obviously, both Flandre and Khan are the best expressions of the spirit of e-sports, and this is where the charm of e-sports lies.

How much imagination does the League of Legends have in the next ten years?

“Unexpectedly, LOL at 1:00 in the morning would have to line up.”

Just like the scene of Incheon that year, after EDG won the championship, many players excitedly opened “League of Legends” to play, but found that the server was full in the early morning when the number of players should have been small, and they needed to line up to enter customers. End of the situation.

Every LPL win is a carnival for “League of Legends” players. Not long ago, Riot Games officially announced that in October this year, more than 180 million players had played games based on the “League of Legends” universe. And this number is still growing.

Since the beginning of this year, the League of Legends IP has successively launched derivative works such as “League of Legends Mobile Game”, “War of the Golden Shovel”, “League of Legends: The Battle of Two Cities”, and gradually build a more content and cultural ecology through different presentation methods. Rich IP ecology.

Take “League of Legends: Battle of Two Cities”, which has just been launched and is currently on air, as an example. The animation continues the style of the League of Legends IP, with a smooth narrative rhythm and meticulous characterization, making it a high-quality movie. The surprise work has won unanimous praise from audiences at home and abroad.

At present, “League of Legends: The Battle of Two Cities” has received more than 11,000 reviews on Douban, with a score of 9.2 points. Overseas, this animation work has also received a lot of attention and high praise. At present, animation When the freshness of rotten tomatoes reached 100%, the IMDB score reached 9.4 points.

Obviously, the animation derivative is the best proof that the League of Legends IP is based on the diversified development of cultural content.

In the past few years, the League of Legends officially put forward the “big ecology” strategy, through the development of products, e-sports, live broadcast, community, IP and other fields, each field grows independently, and different fields promote each other.

Nowadays, each game and one new game are moving forward with the vision of “big ecology”. “League of Legends” product director Su Panhui told GameLook earlier that if the cultural content is used well, its economic value will be greater and it will also be able to promote the enhancement of vitality.

We can also clearly see that from e-sports events, games to various derivative content, whether it is the cultural attributes of IP itself, or other cultural cores that absorb and tolerate, have become the core means of its development and dissemination.

For example, as mentioned above, the e-sports spirit of the players on the arena is released, the friendly interaction between Chinese and foreign players outside the arena, and the output of traditional Chinese culture through e-sports is helped.

In China, offline viewing spots with local characteristics not only help cities build new business cards through e-sports, but also help young people to understand and experience traditional Chinese culture through e-sports.

Nowadays, if we go to detail the cultural value behind e-sports, its weight is self-evident, and it is also subtly affecting people’s lives and becoming an optional new way of life.

More importantly, the constant tolerance and growth of e-sports is still expanding its influence. For example, not long ago, the Hangzhou Asian Games official announced 8 titles including League of Legends, Glory of the King (Asian Games version), Peace Elite (Asian Games version), Hearthstone, Dota 2, Dream Three Kingdoms 2, Street Fighter 5 and FIFA Online 4 The project was selected and became an official project in the Asian Games.

Entering the mainstream vision is a brand new expansion of e-sports and even League of Legends IP. Obviously, “League of Legends” still has unlimited imagination in the future.

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