Among Us Update 2021: New Roles, Imposter and Cosmcubes Now Available

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Developers InnerSloth have released a brand new Among Us update with plenty of time before it arrives on PS4 and Xbox One.

After an emergency meeting that gave an overview of the big year-end plans, the development team has released further news about what’s available today.

As of this week, the new Among Us reels are out now and are based on some of the popular mods released for the game.

A message from InnerSloth adds: “There is a whole new level of gameplay. These 4 brand new reels add a lot of complexity and new gameplay to the social deduction mechanics you know and love! More information can be found in the Lobby -institutions.

“And like most of our game settings, these roles are completely customizable. Add or remove whatever you want, change the probability and even change individual skills.”

And here are the new roles now available as part of today’s Among Us update:

Roles of crew members

Scientist: Access vital signs at any time. Complete tasks to recharge your battery.

Engineer: Could use the vents.

Guardian angel: Cast a protection shield on the remaining crew members.

Role of cheater – Shapeshifter: Disguise yourself by turning into another crew member.

And InnerSloth also made another big game change through today’s Among Us update.

The new Among Us update is out now (Image: INSERT)

Cosmicubes is a new way for you to get exclusive cosmetics and show your gear to your friends.

The good news is that all cosmetics are purely visual and have no effect whatsoever on the gameplay or gameplay options.

Here’s what’s included in the new customizable expansion available now:

“Brand new customization options are both free and paid. Visor cosmetics and special name tags make it even more fun to change up your look, plus additional pets, hats and skins.

“Cosmicubes and unlockable cosmetics. Even more themed items can now be unlocked through our new branching Cosmcube system.

“Play the game, collect resources, and reap the rewards of your murder — er, I mean, tasks. Cosmicubes are a special feature for Among Us! There will be both paid and free variants and there will be more premium sets of themed items.”


Cosmicubes: Special cosmetic cubes with themed items that you unlock through a branching path. These items are usually more special or detailed. Several Cosmicubes are purchased with Beans of Stars, but their content can only be unlocked by earning Pods through gameplay.

Beans: Resource awarded through normal online gameplay! Use it to redeem cosmetics and some Cosmicubes in the store. Free and very bean-shaped.

Stars: This is our Premium currency source, bought with cold money. You can buy these in-game and use them to buy special items and some Cosmicubes.

Pods: Collected through gameplay IF AND ONLY IF you have activated a Cosmcube. Each Cosmicube has a different type of Pod associated with its contents, and Pods cannot be transferred between Cosmicules.

XP: Experience given based on playtime – Used only for character leveling up, which grants multiplier bonuses to beans and pods that you earn when you level up.

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