Back 4 Blood Update: Full Patch Notes Reveal Biggest PS4 and Xbox Changes

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Back 4 Blood Update Patch Notes (Image: TURTLE ROCK)

The team behind Back 4 Blood has been busy making some big changes to the game, with more planned for the end of the year.

Today’s Back 4 Blood update is smaller in scope than some planned for the coming months, but gamers will still want to know what’s been tweaked.

In terms of new content, Turtle Rock hasn’t added anything major that stands out.

However, they’ve made some big improvements to other mechanics that could change the way you play.

Fans have pointed out that gamers using melee builds are the most affected, with a slew of improvements and nerfs confirmed.

Here are all the updates to the Back 4 Blood maps that fans will want to know right away:

  • Negative ammunition capacity effects of cards now apply immediately after the card is drawn
  • Batter Up – Melee damage adjusted to 40% from 50%
  • Brazen – Stamina efficiency adjusted from 30% to 20%
  • Breakout – Reduced usage time from 4 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Face Your Fears – Adjusted to 2 Temporary Health of 3
  • Fresh Bandage – Now immediately applies the trauma-healing effect when expanded in the safe room it’s selected in
  • Ignore the Pain – Now restores health instead of providing temporary health
  • Inspirational Sacrifice – Healing decreased to 20 in 15 seconds from 25 in 20 seconds
  • Mean Drunk – Melee Damage adjusted from 75% to 60%
  • Meth Head – Stamina efficiency adjusted from 40% to 30%
  • Money Grubbers – Now grants 3 bonus copper per stack (out of 5) and a maximum bonus of 75 (out of 100)
  • Spikey Bits – Melee damage adjusted to 20% from 25%
  • True Grit – Healing increased to 10 from 8

The other list of changes shared in the November patch notes is long and covers all aspects of Back 4 Blood that have been changed.

Highlights from the official Back 4 Blood notes can be found below and include the following details.


  • General

    • Weapons no longer revert to their default gear when continuing a run in Training (previously called “Solo Campaign”)

    • Bots now use defibrillators more effectively

    • Improved character behavior when dropping and picking up items in certain locations

    • Flashbang now affects Common Ridden climbing on hit

    • Ogres are no longer sketched for Karlee after digging underground

    • Chapter Specific Updates

      • Blue Dog Hollow: Bad Seeds – Destroying the nest on Nightmare difficulty now creates an endless horde

      • The Armory: The Handy Man – Bob’s Arm now appears in the scan animation with the player enabled “Auto Select New Weapons”

      • dr. Changed Roger’s Neighborhood “Collect Research” objective to account for solo players

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  • Balance updates

    • Fast player input movements are now smoother

    • Rebalanced supply point rewards for all campaign chapters in all difficulty levels

    • Custom resupply points earned for completing the Speed ​​Run objective

    • Re-adjusted Abomination health values ​​on Nightmare difficulty

    • Players grabbed by a Crusher are now immune to friendly fire damage while being grabbed and for 1.5 seconds after being released

    • Pipe bombs removed from Mom and Karlee bot loadouts

  • Mounted updates

    • breaker

      • Reduced melee recovery times by 1.5 seconds

      • Leap recovery time reduced by 1 second

      • Reduced Leap cooldown to 3 from 5 seconds

      • Reduced the bonus damage for chest and leg weaknesses from 1000 . to 500

      • Taunt and Horde animation times reduced by 0.5 seconds

      • Swarm cloud shrink time reduced from 90 . to 75 seconds

      • Breaker jump speed reduced to 1500 from 2000

      • Breaker Horde Call reduced to 60 seconds from 120

      • Breaker weak spot bonus damage up to 1000 from 2000

    • ogre

      • Health increased to 17,000 from 16500

      • Chest weak spot extra damage reduced to 500 from 2000

    • reeker

      • Movement speed no longer slowed by bullets


  • General

    • Bruiser’s Frenzy ability in Swarm PvP can now be canceled by pressing the button to reactivate it

      • [PC] Default keyboard shortcut: mouse right click

      • [PS4/PS5] Default action button: R2

      • [XBOX] Default button: RT

  • Balance updates

    • General

      • Tuning adjustments to make fast movements less abrupt for the player’s acceleration movement

    • cleaners

      • Cleaning Squad now receives a 10% more damage handicap bonus for every maid missing from the team in Swarm PvP

      • Cleaners get 25% increase in Aim Down Sights speed and 25% increase in weapon swap speed in Swarm PvP by default

    • ridden

      • Swarm takeoff radius reduced from 45 meters to 30 meters

      • Swarm transition reduced from 120 seconds to 90 seconds

      • breaker

        • Health increased to 700 from 675

      • hocker

        • Health reduced from 90 to 80

        • Harpoon (skill) cannot be cocked or fired while the character is in the air

        • Attack projectile speed up to 2000 from 2500

        • Attack projectile misses cooling to 4.5 from 3

        • Evolution 2 reduced from 25% to 20%

      • reeker

        • No longer slowed down by bullets

      • tall boy

        • Attack recoil increased

        • Health dropped to 600 from 625

        • Overhead melee attack swing’s radius to 140 centimeters from 160 centimeters

        • Attack: Level 3 Damage+ bonus reduced from 35% to 30%

    • Mutations

      • Infected wounds now reduce healing by 2% from 0.5% per hit from Common Ridden. The effect accumulates to 40% from 20%, and has a limited duration of 20 seconds that resets with each new hit


  • Secondary Weapons

    • Secondary weapons no longer need to be reloaded in the next safe room

    • Weapon swap animation now renders correctly when equipping various secondary weapons

  • melee weapons

    • Increased bat movement speed from 400 . to 410

    • Bats need to deal 50% more damage to stumble

    • Ax movement speed increased from 380 . to 395

    • Ax damage reduced from 85 . to 70

    • Ax trip damage scale reduced from 1 . to 0.5

    • Reduced ax damage to 40 from 50

    • Hatchet trip damage scale reduced to 0.5 from 1

    • Machete movement speed increased to 425 from 420


  • Changes to controller options

    • Added Linear and Exponential options to take crosshairs Target Snapping

    • Increased granularity of controller dead zone tuning from 10% increments to 1% increments (default adjusted to 13)

    • Revamped “Legacy” controller preset to better match other co-op FPS titles

  • Improvements made to Aim Assist

  • Aim assist is now more stable when jumping and aiming from above

  • [PS5] Reduced trigger resistance for melee weapons

  • [PS5] Burst Fire weapon trigger effects now closely match the rate of fire


  • “Stamina Breath” added to audio options

    • Switching “Off” mutes heavy breathing sound effects that play when your character runs out of stamina

  • All red text should now change color correctly when a new color is selected for red elements in custom colorblind mode

  • Gas cans now change color when red elements are changed in the colorblind options

  • [XBOX] Guts that birds eat are no longer marked in green

  • Health bar and ammo indicator now change color when Color Blind Mode is set to Protanopia or Custom


  • Renamed “Solo Campaign” to “Training”

    • Developer’s Note – We noticed that players were interested in keeping a practice mode that they could play in before joining other campaign issues, so we’ve renamed this mode to make it clear that it’s a great way to participate to battle without the pressure to play with other players. In Training, all cards are unlocked, so we recommend experimenting with different card combinations in your decks. Note that in December we will be adding an offline mode for solo campaign progress.

    • The training cannot be started if there are multiple people in your Fort Hope instance. Must play alone

    • “Solo Decks” renamed to “Training Decks”

  • “Start/Continue Run” renamed to “Play/Continue Online”

  • Added differentiation between cleaner and ridden input layouts in the Gamepad controls in the Options menu

  • Improvements made to navigation in the Personalization and Achievements menus on the gamepad

  • Music is no longer interrupted when the player navigates between tabs in the Options menu

  • Friends tab no longer points back to the first page when a user’s friend connects or disconnects from the game

  • Weapon samples in Supply Lines now run correctly

  • [Steam] Steam Big Picture’s virtual keyboard now opens when a user selects a text box

  • Fixed an issue where mouse click alignment was disabled on sliders in the Options menu

  • Fixed performance issue related to having a large friend list

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