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the studios Oddboy and M-theory immerse yourself in a virtual reality experience at Playstation 4. Control time and save civilization by putting the helmet on your head PSVR from January 27, 2022. The title will be available physically and via the Playstation Store.

Wanderer trailer.


As Asher Neumann, you find yourself in an alternate apocalyptic reality, searching for artifacts and mysteries in your grandfather’s apartment.

You travel through time and take you to different eras, such as Boston in 2061. Be careful not to do anything.


You will travel through black holes to time travel but it will not be an easy task, you will have to learn how to use them at the risk of wreaking havoc.

In order to familiarize yourself with the use of these famous black holes, you will especially have to learn how to program the temporal transporter, which is provided for this purpose, when and when it is used. Yes, we know, you would have liked to have a nice DeLorean but…no!

You will not be alone in your adventure; Samuel, a watch, will be your faithful friend. It can be upgraded using objects to be even more useful.

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