PUBG New State Release Time Countdown And Download Update Confirmed

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PUBG New State Release Time Confirmed (Image: KRAFTON)

After the success of the first game, PUBG New State’s release date has a lot of high hopes to live up to.

PUBG Mobile became a massive battle royale presence almost overnight, and while it took a while to reach all regions, it quickly gained a firm hold on the market.

And when Fortnite Mobile disappeared from the mobile market, many people decided to switch to the alternative Battlegrounds.

Not to mention the huge impact and popularity it generated in places like India and China.

And now its successor will try to do the same, while offering a new experience built in-house by Krafton, rather than Tencent.

Business kicks off this week on Android and iOS platforms, with Krafton hoping for a strong start.


Krafton has confirmed that the PUBG New State release date has been set for Wednesday, November 11 at 4am GMT.

This is the global launch time, which means you can control when the game will be available in your region by converting GMT to whatever you want.

For example, the PUBG New State release time for gamers in India should be switched on Wednesday, November 11 at 9:30 AM.

A message from Krafton confirms: “Get your gear and devices ready, Survivors. We are excited to announce that PUBG: NEW STATE will launch globally on November 11, 2021 at 04:00 AM (UTC+0)!

“As we head towards launch, we’ve been busy getting the Battlegrounds ready for you and all the other survivors preparing to battle it out for a few Chicken Dinners.

“As we finalize the game ahead of launch, we can’t wait for you all to experience next-gen battle royale with PUBG: NEW STATE.

“To help survivors take the first step into the next-gen battle royale field, we’ve prepared multiple launch events!

“More details on PUBG: NEW STATE and multiple upcoming events will be published on November 11. We look forward to sharing more soon.”

There is a chance that the new PUBG download will be very popular and there could be server issues during launch day.

Krafton may choose to roll out the game region-by-region if something like this happens, although there are no confirmed plans for this to happen.

New State will build on the success of PUBG Mobile and will boast a new setting, maps and a range of weapons in the near future.

And since PUBG Mobile is such a huge hit through developers Tencent, New State has a lot to live up to.

Gamers will expect an improvement in visual fidelity and gameplay, but will also want to see what made PUBG Mobile such a hit remain intact.

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