Sony must lower its production target for PlayStation 5

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“It’s going to be even harder to buy a PlayStation 5” – this is currently the headline of Bloomberg in the person of Takashi Mochizuki. With Covid-19 still hampering production and deliveries, Sony sees the PS5’s current sales target at risk, according to the article.

As is known, Sony wants to sell 14.8 million PS5 consoles in the current financial year (end of March 2022). As late as August, people were calm about being able to achieve this goal. The supply of semiconductors is assured. Now, however, the target production target has been reduced from over 16 million to about 15 million – they also wanted to produce ahead for the next fiscal year. At least that’s what Bloomberg says it has learned from sources who don’t want to be named.

It is therefore questionable whether the sales target can still be achieved under these circumstances. For potential customers, of course, this is extremely bad prospects and the shortage of consoles could keep us busy even longer.

Problems with the supply chains and especially the worldwide shortage of chips are also causing competition to change plans. Valve only had to postpone the Steam Deck until February 2022. Not even Nintendo is spared, as it recently became known. Nintendo Switch production should be limited in the current fiscal year.

through Bloomberg, Images: Sony

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