With the first soldier you can visit the chocobo farm again

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The chocobo farm in Final Fantasy VII is of course legendary. We were not allowed to experience that in the remake. In Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, you can finally visit them again. It was already known that the chocobos would exist as mounts.

At first glance, that’s pretty cool! At second glance, of course, there are a few options for a free-to-play game with in-app purchases for chocobo eggs and different-colored chocobos. Let’s see. Developer ATeam has now announced some new details together with Square Enix.

You can hatch eggs at the chocobo farm. Also the one that all players receive right at the start when 300,000 pre-registrations are reached. Incubate the eggs, grow your chocobos and compete with them.

Provides up to seven chocobos

You can entertain and feed up to seven chocobos at the same time to increase stats such as speed and HP. Special sheets allow you to customize the appearance of the yellow poultry.

In addition to the chocobos, there is something else in the game that should not be missing in any Final Fantasy. Moogles of course! But initially they are only available in the form of skins. There are Moogle skins for your chocobo, Moogle clothing, Moogle sunglasses, and even Moogle weapons.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier launches on November 17. At the moment you can still pre-register and get some bonuses at the start. Pre-registration is now in App Store and with google play possible. When it comes to monetization, The First Soldier should be based on Fortnite and Co. Are you going to take a look?


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