First download figures for the new Niantic walking game

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The new walking game from Niantic and Nintendo – Pikmin Bloom – was downloaded two million times worldwide after about two weeks. That reports Eurogamer with reference to data from market analyst SensorTower.

More than 864,000 downloads would come from Japan, almost half. That should explain why you have been left alone with the flower plants in your village until now.

Pokémon GO reached 75 million downloads in its first two weeks. Another Niantic app, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, achieved 12.4 million downloads during that time. However, both brands are much better known.

According to initial investigations, Pikmin Bloom has already raised $473,000, most of it in Japan. Pokémon GO reached an incredible 116 million in its first two weeks.

The Pikmin germs grow on every turn until you can pick them. You can then collect petals from their heads, which you can plant along the way. You can also send the Pikmin out to collect fruit or germs. There are a total of seven types of Pikmin with unique abilities.

When you go for a walk with your Pikmin, you also leave a trail of flowers. At the end of the day there is a summary, creating a kind of diary. The Pikmin can even take postcards from visited places.


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