How the open world game works on a standard PS4

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You can spend $100 or more on the Ebay Network Test, which starts today. Or you can just watch some of the many gameplay videos Elden ring from the network test. A few selected influencers and some media were already allowed to participate and share their impressions. Most, of course, on new console hardware.

How does FromSoftware’s spiritual successor to Souls fare on an “antique” standard PS4? After all, hardware, which is celebrating its eighth anniversary this month and now also dealing with an open world. Lance McDonald took a closer look at this in a video. Of course you have to economize.

This is how the launch of PS4 works

The promised 30 FPS can be kept relatively reliably on PS4. Burglary is rare when the screen is very busy. However, there are the known frame pacing issues that FromSoftware fans are already familiar with.

Overall, Lance McDonald concludes that Sekiro of Dark Souls 3 are good indicators of how Elden Ring is doing on PS4. Despite the open world, the loading times observed in the network test are just over 20 seconds.

Elden Ring continues a tradition

With the release of Demon’s Souls in 2009 and the following Souls games, FromSoftware established the Souls-esque genre. Elden Ring also doesn’t offer traditional difficulty settings. But Miyazaki believes Elden Ring is even more approachable.

On February 25, 2022, you can immerse yourself in the new world of FromSoftware. You can Pre-order Elden Ring here at Amazon*. It will be out physically for PS4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox, as well as digitally for PCs.


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