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Surprising PlayStation 4 update means a free PS4 and PS5 download revival

Unexpected news has confirmed the return of a free PS4 game that many believed was long dead.

The Tomorrow Children was a free-to-play download available on PlayStation Store that disappeared in 2016 and was never expected to return to the former platform or PS5.

But a surprise update this week suggests a revival is on the way that will almost certainly see another download on the PlayStation Store in the future.

Many gamers have probably never played The Tomorrow Children, after the release and shutdown of the server between 2016 and 2017.

The Tomorrow Children is a unique combination of action, simulation, strategy and social gaming that delivers interconnected gameplay.

Gamers play the role of “projection clones,” tasked with collaborating in an alternate future Soviet Union.

The goal is to restore civilization to a world destroyed by a failed science experiment, which means collecting resources, building and customizing your city.

Defense is also needed so you can fend off attacks from giant Kaiju monsters and other useless visitors.

The Tomorrow Children never became a free-to-play hit, but it did build a cult following and there will be gamers happy to hear about its return.

A statement from Q-Games confirmed that a new deal had been struck with Sony to return the game in the future.

The full statement from Q-Games reads: “Kyoto-based video game developer, Q-Games, is proud to announce that it has successfully reached an agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment to own its PlayStation 4 cult hit The Tomorrow Children. The Tomorrow Children return to the original creators, Dylan Cuthbert and the team at Q-Games!

A surprising PlayStation revival has been revealed (Image: SONY)

“The Tomorrow Children was originally released by SIE almost exactly five years ago as a free-to-play online title, featuring an unorthodox display technology called Voxel Cone Tracing, large-scale cooperative gameplay, and a futuristic world environment unlike any other. Despite having a large number of fans around the world running for hundreds of hours each, the game was taken offline just a year later and has since been unplayable by the public.

“Q-Games will now work hard to rebuild The Tomorrow Children and bring it back to its loving fans. Now that the dust has settled from this momentous occasion, we would like to invite our fans; proletariat and bourgeoisie combined, to follow us as we document and provide exciting development updates every step of the way to bring the game back to life.”

Unfortunately, we don’t know when The Tomorrow Children will be back on PlayStation Store, but chances are we’ll hear more about it in 2022.

And what’s more, it will almost certainly be another game playable on both the PS4 and PlayStation 5 platforms in the future.

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