GTA 6 release date: New update is bad news for Grand Theft Auto fans who want a shorter wait

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GTA 6 release date latest (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)

Gamers are more than ready to play GTA 6 on PS5 and Xbox Series X, but it looks like they’ll have to wait longer for the chance. The latest news on the subject suggests Rockstar Games may not be ready to launch its next-gen Grand Theft Auto project until 2023, and some think the wait may be longer.

For many, this can be baffling, considering how long it’s been since GTA 5 came out on Xbox 360 and PS3.

The game remains popular, mainly thanks to the continued success of GTA Online.

From an outsider’s perspective, it makes sense that you would want the GTA 6 release date to arrive around the same time as the next generation of consoles. But others have pointed out that by waiting a few more years, the next Grand Theft Auto game will have a more extensive install base on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

This is important to note as GTA 6 will not be available to play on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles.

But many discussions about the next Grand Theft Auto game and other similar titles continue without any input from the company responsible for developing it.

Gamers rely on quotes, reports and rumors shared online, or by analysts monitoring the markets.

So when an update is shared by Take-Two Interactive regarding a major franchise like Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption, it’s worth taking a look.

Take-Two Interactive CEO, Strauss Zelnick, recently shared his thoughts on how popular entertainment products like GTA can be when handled properly.

Compared to James Bond and other enduring franchises, Zelnick shared his thoughts on the key factors needed to make a product last that long and keep fans entertained in 2021.

Zelnick explained at the Jefferies Virtual Global Interactive Entertainment Conference, “When it’s really great, it keeps going.

“You wish every franchise was James Bond. There are very few entertainment franchises of any kind that fall into that category, but they do exist.

“I think GTA is one of them. I think Red Dead is one of them, and NBA is one of them. Borderlands, BioShock, Civilization and other titles have the potential to be such a title, but once the factor is the gate…it’s all about quality.

“It’s also about being willing to put a title to rest so that you feel ‘wow, this is a rare event’. I’ve always said that on an annual basis, non-sports titles carry the risk of intellectual property burns out, even if it’s good.

“We’re taking the time to make something that we think is incredibly phenomenal and we’re also deliberately putting titles to rest, so there’s a pent-up demand for that title, so it’s a special event.

“I’m going to a Bond movie because there’s no new one in two months. I’m going to see every Bond movie, and if it’s bad I’ll be really upset – it’ll be like a personal insult because I believe IP is great. And that’s the compactness Rockstar has with its consumers.”

It’s safe to say, while this doesn’t directly refer to the release of GTA 6, it certainly helps explain why gamers have to wait longer to play it; the guarantee of quality and the need to avoid product exhaustion.

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