In which video game world would you like a vacation home?

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The new Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise DLC gives you the opportunity to design special, highly individualized vacation homes for the in-game animal residents. Whether it’s a home like a gym, the ultimate play center or an oasis for relaxation. But the house is not everything, you also need a nice garden. But why should only the animal residents have a vacation home in Animal Crossing?

How about a holiday home in Hyrule? Wake up in the morning with a view of Lake Hyrule, in the afternoon take a hike through the mountains and have a drink in Kakariko in the evening. Lovers of a more rural environment can also rent a holiday apartment on a chocolate farm. Or if you are very action packed and adventurous you can go to the kingdom of Lordran.

How about you now: In which video game world would you like to have a holiday home and what should it look like? Perhaps you are one of those people who prefer to relax or want more action on your holiday. Tell us today in our Sunday question! Also happy to explain why it has to be one video game world!

The results of the Sunday question of November 7

sunday question: Are you going to get Elden Ring?

  • I’m not interested in Elden Ring. 34.56% (47 votes)
  • I already pre-ordered Elden Ring (even in the Collector’s / Premium Edition) 21.32% (29 votes)
  • I buy it the day it comes out. 21.32% (29 votes)
  • I still need more information/gameplay to make my purchase decision. 18.38% (25 votes)
  • I’m still waiting for the network test. 4.41% (6 votes)

Total of all votes: 136

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