Ma Niang floated away after dominating, Cygames e-sports competition prizes as high as 15 million yuan, catching up with LOL

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GameLook reports/As we all know, the countries with the best development of e-sports industry today are China and South Korea. In Japan, in addition to fighting games, the PC and mobile game markets can basically be said to be “e-sports desert.”

However, this does not mean that the Japanese market does not have the potential to do e-sports. For example, NetEase’s “Wildness Action” has brought China’s e-sports development experience to Japan and achieved remarkable results.

After seeing the brilliant achievements of Chinese manufacturers, Japanese local companies finally began to exert their efforts.

On November 13, the World Grand Prix (WGP), the highest level of the CCG game “Poem of Shadow” under Cygames, kicked off with a total of 48 top players from various countries and regions around the world. participate.

The biggest highlight of this game is the “expensive” bonus. Cygames has set a total prize pool of 280 million yen (approximately RMB 15.6876 million), of which the champion will be able to monopolize 150 million yen (approximately RMB 8.4 million). ), and the second place can also get a bonus of 50 million yen, and the third place has a bonus of 20 million yen.

“Really” burn money, a game bonus equals one month’s income

As the saying goes, money is not everything, but no money is absolutely impossible.

As e-sports has become an international trend, as a weak country in e-sports, in order to catch up from behind, Cygames learned the idea of ​​V club, simply and rudely set up huge bonuses to attract players to participate.

It is no exaggeration to say that 280 million yen is almost the best in the CCG e-sports event, directly allowing Cygames to firmly occupy the throne of the largest amount of local e-sports awards in Japan. Even looking bigger, the total prize money of WGP is comparable to the popular PC and mobile games in the world today.

Take the just-concluded League of Legends S11 Global Finals as an example. The S11’s total prize pool is approximately US$2.225 million, or approximately RMB 14.1926 million. The champion EDG will receive nearly 22%, or US$489,500 in prize money.

From the perspective of the prize pool alone, the WGP has surpassed the League of Legends Global Finals, and the WGP champion can get almost twice the income of the S game champion.

However, it needs to be pointed out that in recent years, Riot has reformed the bonus system of the S game. Champion teams and players can get a certain amount of income from the sales of championship skins, so in fact, the bonuses that clubs and players can get will be even greater. many.

Of course, with such a huge effort to set up huge bonuses, it is also obvious that Cygames is fully offensive in the field of e-sports. Holding such a competition consumes a lot of manpower and funds, and even the bonus may not be as much as the monthly flow of “Shadow Poetry”.

According to the flow reference data shared by netizens on the Poetry of Shadows, in October 2021, the flow of “Poetry of Shadows” in the three markets of China, Japan, and the United States is about 23.69 million yuan.

In terms of competitions, “Shadow Poetry” learns the mainstream way of organizing, and most of the past few competitions have been held offline. However, due to the impact of the epidemic in Japan this year, the WGP event took the second place and adopted a model of combining online and offline.

The first two days of the game were played in the Swiss round mode and played online, while the final finals were set in the offline Saitama Super Arena (Saitama Super Arena), which was played in a single-elimination system.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics basketball game is held here

Considering that the construction of venues, event coordination and production will cost a large amount of money, plus the game itself update, operating cost of ownership, in addition to the commission of the app store, and the national service is issued by NetEase, the income will also be Agents split the accounts.

After a game, “Shadow Poetry” basically spent all the income earned in the game within a month, and I have to admire Cygames’ wealth. Many netizens who watched the game also joked that they belonged to the series of low monthly revenue games.

According to the information on the official website, the “Shadow Poem” WGP tournament was held in 2017 for the first time. In fact, the initial tournament size and prize amount were far less than today.

The reason for this is believed to have been heard by many people. Because the Japanese e-sports event is classified as a commercial event rather than a sports event, the total prize money of the event cannot exceed 100,000 yen (approximately RMB 5,600). Therefore, the event Only other methods can be adopted to attract contestants, such as physical prizes, in-game props, etc.

In February 2018, Japan established the JESU (Japan Esports Union), which officially recognized e-sports as a profession, and actively dialogue with the Olympic Organizing Committee to try to promote e-sports into the Olympics.

Although it will take time for e-sports to enter the Olympics, the establishment of the association finally made the 100,000 yen bonus limit a thing of the past. The Japanese e-sports industry ushered in a qualitative change. It was also in this year that Cygames was on the WGP. Carried out a comprehensive overweight.

In the 2018 WGP event, the total prize pool increased from 120,000 USD in the first competition to 1.31 million USD (approximately 140 million yen), a nearly 10-fold increase, and the champion will be able to enjoy USD 1 million exclusively.

After several years of development, WGP has gradually matured, and the competition has gradually covered many countries around the world, and the prize money has naturally gradually advanced steadily.

Behind the huge prize pool, it actually reflects Cygames’ ambition to enter the e-sports industry and wants to catch up with the development of the e-sports industry, and it is also a microcosm of the development of the Japanese e-sports industry.

E-sports is getting better, Cygames performance continues to be strong

Compared with Hearthstone, the popularity and popularity of “Shadow Poetry” may not be high, but due to its excellent gameplay, coupled with the foundation of early Cygames works such as “Bahamut’s Wrath” , The game still has a group of fans in the domestic CCG circle.

As one of the few products under Cygames with potential for e-sports, in fact, the related events of “Shadow Poetry” are also constantly growing. For example, in mainland China, NetEase organized the “Shadowverse NetEase Cham pionship” (Shadowverse NetEase Cham pionship), which has a standardized entry process and is small in scale. Therefore, in 2021, the NetEase “Shadow Poetry” SNC division will have 4 promotion places, which is the division with the largest number of places except Japan.

As Cygames launched “The Horse Race” this year from Japan to the country, coupled with the continuous development of the domestic e-sports industry and the promotion of agent Netease, this year WGP’s attention in the country is much higher.

Of course, perhaps because “The Horse Racing Girl” is too dazzling, many players involuntarily link the two when they see the huge bonuses of WGP. They think that this year’s “The Horse Racing Girl” explosion caused Cygames to spend a lot of money to host the game.

Objectively speaking, “The Horse Racing” is indeed the most representative product of Cygames this year. According to Sensor Tower data, in the Q3 quarter of this year, Cygames “The Horse Racing” led the Japanese mobile game revenue list with US$290 million.

In the financial report, “The Horse Racing Girl” has also become an absolute protagonist. According to the financial report released by Cygames’ parent company CyberAgent at the end of October, the sales of its game business reached 76.4 billion yen in Q4, a year-on-year increase of 95.7%. Behind the strong increase is the continued strength of “The Horse Racing Girl”.

CyberAgent said that although the growth rate of “The Horse Racing Girl” has gradually slowed down after the outbreak, it is still strong.

However, even though it is developed by the same company, no matter how high the income of a game product is, it will generally not be used to subsidize the ecological construction of another project, and it is still such a huge bonus.

And, as mentioned above, “Shadow Poetry” actually started to raise the total prize pool of the event with great fanfare as early as 2018. At the same time, after nearly 3 years of development, the related event ecology has begun to take shape.

Being able to start the game under the epidemic actually proves the gradual maturity of Cygames in the field of e-sports. In comparison, another heavyweight game in Japan, “Yugioh World Championship”, has been cancelled twice by Konami.

The previous WGP has already had many sponsors

Of course, it is more difficult to predict whether “The Horse Racing Niang” and “The Poem of Shadow” will be linked in the future.

In fact, Cygames has also hinted in various places. For example, the producer of “Shadow Poetry”, Yuito Kimura, has promised to release the skin of “The Horse Girl” in the game. Not long ago, the official YouTube channel of “The Horse Racing Niang” even released related content of “Shadow Poem”.

Of course, among the player groups, there are already people who have played the traditional artistic skills of CCG game players and DIY cards of their own. Even if the official is not released, the players can also solve their hunger.

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It is worth noting that the official English name of “Shadow Poem” is “Shadowverse”. Will Cygamese launch a “CY series universe” based on this is worth looking forward to.

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