Outriders Horizon Update Time and Patch Notes Revealed

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Outriders New Horizon update news (Image: SQUARE ENIX)

Square Enix has confirmed that today’s Outriders update will be available for download in the UK by midday.

The good news is that no maintenance has been announced before launch, meaning gamers can jump right in and start playing.

The other big thing to note is that this will be a free patch available to anyone who owns the game and will keep the entire player base united.

A message from developers People Can Fly explains: “This free update is the result of months of hard work improving Outriders, providing feedback and making it the game you asked for.”

People Can Fly has also confirmed that the Outriders New Horizon update will be released on Tuesday, November 16 at 4pm GMT, meaning fans won’t have long to wait to check out all the major changes.

And there’s plenty to choose from, including adjustments to the main endgame activities that were based on speed runs.

People Can Fly has revealed that this aspect of the special missions called Expeditions has been removed, meaning fans can experiment with new builds.

“Previously, expedition rewards were awarded based on how quickly you could complete an expedition. For most players, this meant forcing themselves into a specific DPS meta that was stifling build diversity.

“We want players to play Outriders the way they want without fear of their playing style being penalized by a timer.”

“Like the original Expeditions, completing an Expedition will result in item drops based on the Challenge Tier you complete it on. However, the previous Gold, Silver and Bronze reward levels have been removed. In this new system, completing an expedition, no matter how long it takes, will earn that expedition’s reward. No matter how long it takes you.

“Because different expeditions have shorter or longer base completion times, the amount of Gear and Drop Pod resources you can receive has been scaled according to the global average completion times that our data has observed over the past few months.”

Other details from the patch notes, including news about the new missions added to the game, can be found below:


  • Each expedition features an exciting mini-story that connects you with characters and events from the main campaign.
  • Even new Expedition players can already access the first of the four new Expeditions, while the others are unlocked on CT4, CT8, and CT12.
  • Molten Depths will send you back to Eagle Peaks. When a drop pod signal was activated, Dunham investigated and found a hidden power station. To get it back online, she wants you to clear the station of unwanted tenants, regardless of size, shape and form.
  • The City of Nomads will confront you with a character haunted by the sins of his past. Very aware of his dark history, you decide to help him protect the ancient Pax village of Uketu Atarah.

In The Marshal’s Complex, Corrigan, the Grand Marshal himself asks you to reclaim an insurgent-held facility near Deadrock Pass. It won’t be long before you discover that this facility is anything but just an insurgent camp.

Last but not least: The Wellspring. Tiago told you about the Pax legend of a sacred place called Atuma ih Taru, where pilgrims would make long journeys to sacrifice their treasures in deep pits. You and your team are looking for those forgotten riches, were it not for the fact that this massive storm seems to be getting stronger and stronger.

Heading Changes:

  • Expedition timers have been removed
  • Added four new expeditions
  • Transmog system added
  • Tiago’s Store has been reworked
  • Legendary Loot Drops and Farming Information and Changes
  • Changes to Legendary Sets
  • Changes in mods + bug fixes
  • Class structure changes + bug fixes
  • Skills changes + bug fixes
  • The Stadia version can now also crossplay with all other platforms.

General changes:

  • The video that plays when Outriders launches is now skippable on all platforms except PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
  • The Eye of the Storm now includes a legendary reward for picking and choosing items.
  • Added a Quick Mark functionality to suppliers.
  • Improved readability of Mod descriptions, especially when viewed on a large TV or monitor. This change means that some information will now be displayed in the Details window instead of the Quick View window.
  • Reduced the background audio volume of certain menu and loading screens.
  • Added a minimum damage limit for the brood mother’s “Punch” skill. This ensures that the skill doesn’t have too much of a difference in min/max damage output.
  • Changed the Desert Heir configuration so that it now plays as an assault rifle (as intended and described) rather than a submachine gun.

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