Saints Row Comeback postponed for half a year

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The schedule was ambitious from the start and it is now coming exactly as it was supposed to the new one Saints Row shifts like so many other games:

Here comes an important one #SaintsRow Update from Jim Boone, Chief Creative Officer, Volition!
More information is available here:

Official Koch Media GSA (@kochpresse) November 17, 2021

Rather than appearing on February 25, 2022 (which would have been exactly six months after the initial announcement), the target is now August 23, 2022—almost exactly six months later.

As the Volition boss explains in the tweet above, the effects of Corona have likely been underestimated, requiring more time. At the same time, however, he states that nothing about the characters or the story should be changed they warn that parts of the fans are not received as well.

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