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Countdown to Call of Duty Vanguard Free Weekend Access (Image: ACTIVISION)

This weekend, get free entry into Call of Duty Vanguard on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

And the good news for anyone with limited hard drive space is that you don’t need to download a new game to enjoy it.

According to the latest news, Activision is making it possible to play the full Vanguard multiplayer.

That means you’re not just limited to a special playlist posted online and could account for a few other differences.

In the past, Activision chose to release free entry events as part of its Warzone platforms, meaning you had to have Warzone to play.

This doesn’t seem to be the case this time though, meaning you’ll need to check your chosen platform’s game store to download it.

A message from Activision added: “During this long weekend, all players will have full access to Vanguard’s Multiplayer.

That includes the ability to try out and improve over three dozen weapons before coming to Warzone Pacific, a dozen Operators to unlock new gear for, action-packed playlists featuring Combat Pacing, and 17 core maps including Champion Hill and the Return of the preferred shipping country setting.

“This Free Access period gives you a taste of what Vanguard owners can experience before the next year stacks the deck with tons of free multiplayer content. Owning Vanguard also gets you a gripping single-player campaign and universe-expanding Zombies mode, let alone 24 hours of exclusive access to Warzone Pacific’s new map Caldera when it launches on December 2.

“At its core, though, this free entry is focused on multiplayer, and since Shipment launches a day before the floodgates open, you might need a few tips to beat the competition on this downright chaotically fun map.”


The Call of Duty Vanguard Free Access Weekend begins Thursday, November 2021.

The start time is scheduled for 10am PDT, or 6pm GMT if you’re planning to play from the UK.

Free access to Vanguard ends next week and Activision has confirmed that the shutdown will take place on November 22 at 6pm GMT.

From what Activision shared this week, there is no need to download and install Call of Duty Warzone to access Vanguard for free.

The only downside is that there’s no way to preload the limited-time version of the game before everything goes live on Thursday.

The new Shipment map will be the main focus of the free weekend, and Activision has provided these tips for beating the competition:

Given its small size and fast pace, Shipment can be perfect for taking weapons and operators to the next level, especially through challenges. Those who try out Vanguard during the Multiplayer Free Access period can get a taste of this experience and then get the full game to get their ship-shaped gear for Warzone Pacific.

The destructible containers initially provide plenty of cover and opacity for enemies, but quickly become hollow chaff as a match on Shipment progresses. Take matters into your own hands by running, exploding or shooting through the wooden containers before the enemy has a chance to hide in them.

A sniper or other operator finding their way to the elevated container can be a nuisance, but it’s just as easy to shoot through their cover well. There is an explosive barrel that can also be fired – this can easily blow away anyone who decides to live above ground.

The Perk 1 slot contains three options, all of which can be used when dispatching: survival training to reduce damage from explosives, boosted to gain immunity to tactical gear, and fearless to counter oppression. Consider which gunfight X factor will most affect your ability to come out on top and plan those loadouts around that advantage.

Shipping 24/7 includes Domination, with one flag in the center and the other two on the corners. With quick respawns and plenty of action throughout, your best bet is to grit, shoot and try to coordinate catches with multiple teammates.

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