Apple offers its users the opportunity to repair their devices on their own

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Apple is expected to give its users the opportunity to repair their smartphones and some computers on their own, in an unexpected concession from the tech giant whose hardware and software system is very closed.

Apple said in a statement that the online store, called Self Service Repair, will allow the purchase of more than 200 parts and tools to repair the most common malfunctions and problems in the latest iPhone versions (12 and 13). batteries or screens.

Apple used to limit the repair of its devices to its technicians in its stores and to some authorized resellers, but the waiting times for repairs are long and the prices are generally high.

Apple is constantly under accusation for this aspect and for the intentional and planned obsolescence of its devices.

The new service will be launched in the United States at the beginning of 2022, before being rolled out to other countries later in the year, and will soon include, in addition to smartphones, computers equipped with the M1 chip produced by Apple itself.

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