PlayStation Plus December 2021 free games: first hint spotted for PS4 and PS5 gamers?

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PS Plus December Update (Image: SONY)

Sony can choose from many PS4 titles each month when compiling their list of free games for PlayStation Plus.

Sometimes they feature new titles, while sometimes they surprise everyone by adding a popular first-party exclusive from the past.

And for PS Plus December 2021, gamers think they might choose to add another new game to the mix.

We’ve already seen this happen for the past two months, with Hell Let Loose and First Class Trouble offered as free games in October and November,

So could it be possible that Heavenly Bodies is the next new game to make its debut via PlayStation Plus?

Fans consider this title a serious contender for inclusion based on its release date, which is set for December 7.

This is a special date in the PS Plus calendar as it is the date when Sony releases the next wave of PlayStation Plus games.

So there’s a slim chance that Heavenly Bodies, like First Class Trouble, will also be available to download and play on the release date.

It should be noted that neither Sony nor developers 2pt Interactive have announced such a deal and this should be treated as a fan theory for now.

For those unfamiliar with it, Heavenly Bodies is a game about cosmonauts, the body, and the absence of gravity.

According to the development team, you’ll move the limbs of a weightless, physically simulated space engineer (or two, in local co-op) to assemble and maintain structures and systems aboard a ramshackle space station.

Your assigned tasks will often seem simple, but with no gravity to keep you grounded, even the most mundane requests will require serious coordination.

A recent blog post from 2pt Interactive added: “With a game that literally requires you to feel your way through the environments, you can only imagine how excited we are about being able to use the DualSense controller’s features.

“With the triggers used to grab your cosmonaut’s hands and a chaotic, zero-g environment where knocks and bumps are inevitable, it made so much sense for us to use the adaptive triggers and haptics to get you to transport the floppy suit you see on screen.

“The best way to play Heavenly Bodies is to use your cosmonaut’s hands. You have to hold the triggers to grab objects and push yourself off walls. The DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers are remarkable at communicating which objects and surfaces are within reach of your cosmonaut.

“For example, when you’re weeding in the oxygen garden, you can feel the delicate vegetation of dry plants compared to the station’s thick, hard metal frame.”

The first PlayStation Plus games are expected to be announced around December 1, which means we still have a long way to go before we find out if this latest prediction is correct.

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