The chicest ‘gaming’ chair in the world launched – for traditional games like cards and chess

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The plush chair has everything you need for a sophisticated evening of gaming (Image: Hendrick’s/SWNS)

It also has a fold-out drink prep area, along with all the bar essentials needed to make a cocktail — a shaker, strainer, muddler, stirrer, and more.

Ginmakers Hendrick’s commissioned the classically styled piece of furniture as an antidote to the video game boom of the past 18 months.

Sarah Berardi, UK Brand Ambassador, said: “While people are scrambling to get their hands on the most sought-after Christmas gifts this year, our wonderfully absurd Gaming Chaise offers some long-term relief in the face of seasonal supply and demand challenges.

“We took a more renaissance approach, integrating a well-rounded set of features with civilized distractions in mind.

“Our contrarian view starts with our unique chaise longue design, which actively – perhaps I should say it quietly – discourages the user from looking at any kind of screen.

“Instead, it provides the perfect angle and environment to sip a cocktail while contemplating which signature wordsmith move should be next — there are other board games available.”

The perfect way to enjoy a drink while gaming

It’s the perfect way to enjoy a drink or two while gaming (Image: Hendrick’s/SWNS)

The handmade, seven-meter statement piece is covered with tufted green velvet and fitted with copper accents, suitable for the most demanding gamers.

It also features an amplified horn so you can call for extra drinks or supplies without ever having to leave the luxury of the chaise lounge.

And retractable arms can hold playing cards to keep your hands free – so you can enjoy your freshly mixed drink.

There is only one chaise lounge available in the UK through the online premium spirits retailer jingle.


  • With amplified horn, users can call for extra drinks or supplies without ever having to leave the luxury of the chaise lounge.
  • Retractable arms hold both bottles and cards to free up hands for a cocktail.
  • Secret compartments fold out to reveal storage space for classic games and of course cocktail essentials.
  • Handmade, two-meter statement piece covered in tufted green velvet and featuring copper accents, suitable for the most discerning gamers.
  • Optimal length for more comfort and all kinds of forms of both real play and leisure.

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