Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Gets First Patch That Fixes Over 50 Specific Issues

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In any case, after yesterday’s apology, Rockstar Games has followed up on the first actions fairly quickly. A first post-launch patch has been released today for: Grand Theft Auto Trilogywhose launch went horribly wrong.

The patch brings the bundle to version 1.02 and is available now for PlayStation and Xbox. Not yet for PC fans. The patch also only brings bug fixes, so it doesn’t improve the performance of the Nintendo Switch version in particular yet.

In all three games, clipping errors, incorrect collision queries, incorrectly displayed subtitles and help texts, localization problems, incorrectly placed objects, incorrectly placed textures and problems with character models have been fixed.

A slew of other specific bug fixes lead to the Patch Notes also for individual games. For example, the strange rain effect has been fixed, but only in San Andreas. Fixed an issue on Nintendo Switch where language settings changes were not preserved after a reboot.

Sorry with a present for the fans

Yesterday, Rockstar Games apologized for the failed launch. Nevertheless, the fans were asked for a “respectful and civilized discourse”, especially on social media. Members of the development team were harassed there – of course you can’t.

But Rockstar also sees mistakes. The classic versions of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas will soon be back “as a bundle” for PCs in the Rockstar Store. Previously, the old versions were removed from all stores. They’re only coming back for PCs and only on the Rockstar Store – but anyway. If you buy the new Trilogy from the Rockstar Store before June 30, 2022, you’ll get the old games for free.

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