Microsoft deal will not result in exclusive games

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Earlier this month, it announced a “strategic partnership” with Microsoft. It is specifically about the Xbox ‘Azure platform and a new ‘Super Game’.

According to Sega, the alliance should help in the medium and long term to make progress with the “Super Game” strategy. Behind this somewhat generic term lies a Sega initiative, which is based on pillars such as “Global”, “Online”, Community” and “IP Use”.

But people tend to jump to conclusions and the fast internet naturally tempts you to read the headlines every now and then. Sega therefore felt compelled to clarify a few things.

At a financial meeting on Friday, it was announced that the deal was not about exclusive games. “It’s not about releasing games exclusively for Microsoft, it’s about developing a super game that will be delivered to the world along with their technical support.”

The “Super Game” isn’t all that new, by the way. It already dived in an annual report in May 2021 and behind it is a 5-year plan. And now all kinds of money.

through VGC, Images: Yakuza: like a dragon, Sega / Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio

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