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Since this week you have the opportunity Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier in the App Store and with google play to download. This is a free battle royale set in the universe of Final Fantasy VII. With this, Square Enix wants to reach a new audience and face a new genre.

But the title may also be worth it for fans. First Soldier takes place 30 years before the main plot of Final Fantasy VII, which is why you meet one of the familiar faces. However, it will look a little younger. In general, the title is about the fact that Shinra has just started the Soldier program and you as a player are training in combat to complete it successfully.

In different classes, equipped with different skills and abilities, you will fight in familiar places with a multitude of other people. But does this genre fit Final Fantasy? Maybe you’ve already downloaded The First Soldier and can’t get enough of it? Or did you delete it right away? Tell us about this Sunday question!

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