After Sony and Xbox, Nintendo is now also criticizing the toxic conditions

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Activision and Bobby Kotick have been in the headlines for days and the list of accusations is long. Even after Phil Spencer and Jim Ryan criticized Activision, Bobby Kotick remained in office.

Yesterday he had Media messages according to the board of directors, he is prepared to step down if he does not get the problems in the company under control “quickly”. Conversely, this means that he is currently rejecting a resignation.

Now Activision is also receiving criticism from Nintendo of America. Like his colleagues, Doug Bowser turned to his staff. “With all of you, I’ve been following the latest developments at Activision Blizzard and the ongoing reports of sexual harassment and toxicity across the company,” Doug Bowser wrote in an email that Fanbyte is present.

“I find these reports distressing and worrying. They contradict my values ​​and Nintendo’s beliefs, values ​​and guidelines,” continued Bowser.

The email also states that Nintendo’s representatives have therefore contacted Activision and “took action”. What that actually means is unclear. At the same time, Bowser calls on the trade association ESA to take a harder line against intimidation.

“Every company in the industry needs to create an environment where everyone is respected, treated equally and where everyone understands the consequences of not doing so,” said Bowser.

Phil Spencer told his staff that Xbox had “all aspects of our relationship” based on the reports. want to evaluate. One is “deeply concerned about the terrible events and actionsJim Ryan was “discouraged and frankly stunned”.

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