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Fortnite update 18.40 hotfix brings some big changes (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite developer Epic Games has released a brand new Battle Royale update.

The latest Fortnite patch, which builds on last week’s 18.40 update, is actually more of a hotfix.

The bad news is there are no major gameplay upgrades, although the good news is no server downtime is needed.

This means you can jump back into Battle Royale once the download is downloaded and installed.

The latest Fortnite hotfix introduces a new funding battle for fans to get stuck into.

As discovered after last week’s update, the hotfix pits the Proximity Grenade Launcher against the Flint-Knock Pistol.

The war effort takes another look at the classics and brings two unconventional weapons for Loopers to consider.

“Launch grenades just by being near someone with the Proximity Grenade Launcher. Or fly back with the Flint-Knock Pistol for extra dodge (and mobility) when fired.”

You can decide which weapon is added by visiting financing stations and donating gold. The first to reach 100% is added back to the game.

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Elsewhere, the new update introduces Strike from the Shadows Week, which kicks off at 5:00 PM GMT on November 23.

As part of the Strike from the Shadows Week, fans will be able to complete several themed missions.

“The best ninjas know the importance of stealth. It’s one thing to throw a Paper Bomb Kunai at an opponent, but it’s another to approach in shadow form first.

“It’s true, you can’t use shadow weapons – and the Kunai is no exception – but why blow your cover before you’re in range?

“In Strike from the Shadows Week, which runs from November 23, 9am ET to November 30, 9am ET, Paper Bomb Kunai and Shadow Stones are everywhere!

“You can also catch Shadow Floppers in greater numbers… and even find them on land. Transform into a shadow with the Stones and Floppers, then strike with the Kunai. Also complete thematic Quests in the Strike from the Shadows Punchcard! “

The update also seems to have shed some light on one of the weapons coming to Chapter 3.

As revealed by Fortnite insider Hypex, the new weapon is similar to the Flint-Knock weapon.

“An upcoming Chapter 3 weapon Epic is working on sounds like a buffed FlintKnock (general to legendary),” reads a Hypex tweet.

The new weapon is said to have a clip size of five, a fire rate of 1, damage between 27-32, and a reload time of 5.5-6.5 seconds.

The other patch notes can be seen below.

Fortnite update 18.40 hotfix patch notes…

• Shadow Stone Flopper fishing chance increased by 300%

• Explosive Kunai Spawn Chance increased by 140%

• Now drop 8 shadow tiles sideways instead of 4

• Shadow Stone Spawns increased from 1 per spawn to 3 per spawn

• Bounty (Duos) is live

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