Chrono Cross is supposedly the “great PlayStation remake”

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In September, a data mining find at GeForce Nvidia Now caused a stir. The long list of games found included a Final Fantasy IX remake, a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster, and an admittedly chrono cross here.

Opposite to Wccftech Nvidia had confirmed the authenticity of the list, but at the same time communicated that in addition to real games, there were also speculative titles on the list, which are used for internal tracking and testing. That sounded plausible, especially since some games really seemed to come out of nowhere.

However, reported in October VGCthat singer-songwriter Eabha McMahin was working on a “major remake of a PlayStation game” and there was evidence that she was working on it with Yasunori Mitsuda. He composed the original soundtrack for Chrono Cross.

Are things falling together now?

in the new XboxEra-Podacst claims Era co-founder Nick Baker that the article is about a Chrono Cross Remastered. “What else I’ve been told – because everyone assumes it’s a PlayStation exclusive – is that it isn’t. The only word used was multiplatform.”

He himself concludes from this that PCs, PlayStation and Switch are served, since it is a JRPG. In any case, the source would clearly state that it is not a PlayStation-exclusive game. However, he does not know if the Xbox is one of the target platforms.

Of course you don’t know how believable the story is. At least believable enough that VGC picks up the message. VGC is led and owned by former Playtonic developer Andy Robinson Part of the jury this year’s The Game Awards 2021. Also Eurogamer reports:.

Small subtleties: Nick Baker speaks of Chrono Cross Remastered, while VGC already wrote about a major “remake” in October. As you know, these are two different things, but especially in Japan the terms are often confused.

After the renaissance of Actraiser, anything seems possible. A Chrono Cross Remastered would of course be desirable, because like Actraiser it was only available for the original platform, here PlayStation.

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