Crusader Kings 3 Royal Court DLC Release Date Confirmed

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Crusader Kings 3 Royal Court (Image: PARADOX)

Crusader King 3 Royal Court will be released early next year as part of Paradox Games’ first expansion pack.

Royal Court does more than just add a throne room to the game’s already voluminous list of features, but it will be one of the most notable changes in the game.

Paradox has plenty of other tweaks planned for the new expansion, which is slated for February 8, 2022.

“What is a king or queen without a throne room? All of history’s greatest rulers had a place to welcome guests and display their majesty. Soon, Crusader Kings III players will have new ways to manage their courts and build the most prestigious dynasty in history.

“Royal Court is the first major expansion for Crusader Kings III, the award-winning grand strategic role-playing game set in the Middle Ages. Beginning February 8, 2022, armchair rulers and aspiring emperors will be able to collect artifacts and build new kinds of nations in one of strategy gaming’s deepest mixes of politics, intrigue and rich character-driven narratives.”

As mentioned above, The Throne Room will be one of the most eye-catching additions, providing a visual representation of your royal court that reflects all of your dynasty’s accumulated majesty and prestige.

Players can also hold court and communicate with vassals and courtiers as they come to you with their problems, seeking royal judgment.

You’ll be able to overload your favorites with better food and attributes and make it easier to impress your rivals.

One feature that will interest fans in the long run is the introduction of hybrid cultures, making it possible to create a new way of life specifically adapted to your population and geography.

This also fits in with the new Cultural Divergence system that allows you to split from your traditional culture and adapt it to something new that better suits your aspirations.

The early patch notes for these specific changes can be found below and include the following changes:


Make the most of a multicultural empire, develop a new way of life specifically adapted to your population and geography,

Splitting off your traditional culture and adapting it to something new that better suits your aspirations,

Each Cultures have different levels of Acceptance towards each other. Two cultures will have the same Acceptance between them, Cultures will consist of an Ethos, Traditions and Pillars.

An ethos defines a culture; Such as bellicose, stoic, inventive, spiritual or courtly. These will have a wide variety of niche effects that will impact your day-to-day experience.

Traditions are bonuses that your culture has, such as military bonuses under certain conditions, more productive farms, depending on geographic areas. A culture can have up to 6 traditions and you can pay Prestige to add traditions to your culture (maximum 6) if you have free places for them. AI will adopt traditions that “naturally fit” their culture.

Pillars lie between Ethos & Traditions. They determine the style of your culture such as your clothing, your names and architectural style. It defines your Heritage.

It is possible to cross two cultures by spending Prestige. You can choose the name, color, ethics, traditions and pillars. AI will also strive for hybridization. For example, the Seljuks are likely to create a Turkish-Persian culture.

You will be able to break free from your current culture. Culture Divergence takes Prestige and allows you to choose a new name, color and traditions. Culture will change at a slower pace than beliefs – it will be gradual, tradition after tradition. Although sometimes larger shifts can occur due to isolation, or due to the mixing of two different cultures.

The CK3 expansion also comes with a new update that anyone can download, which comes with its own list of features and tweaks.

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